Two Surreal Takes on Augmented Reality Glasses

In his fascinating article “The World Is Not Enough: Google and the Future of Augmented Reality,” Alexis Madrigal points out that the information displayed in the Google Glass demo┬áthat came out earlier this year is all rather banal: the weather, the time, an appointment, a text message, directions, interior directions (“within a bookstore? right.”), a location check on a friend, and a check-in.

Care for a darker, more dystopian view of what augmented reality glasses could bring? In addition to the numerous Google glass parodies (ADmented Reality being the best of these), and Episode Three of Black Mirror, titled “The Entire History of You,” here are two chilling examples.

The video above, Sight (via @sfslim), focuses on the creepiest aspects of dating with AR. The video below, made in 2010, shows AR as being eerily mundane. If you have a pair of 3D glasses lying around, there’s also this version!

2 Responses to “Two Surreal Takes on Augmented Reality Glasses”

  1. A.Lizard Says:

    Imagine when this kind of interface technology becomes implantable, though there may be less intrusive ways to get the same effect.

    “What Can Go Wrong?”

    OTOH, wouldn’t mind getting a set of Google Glasses. I know how to turn functions off that are more trouble than they’re worth, even if they weren’t intended to be user-accessible.

  2. G Says:

    Creepy, horrible, and sad, if this is our future. Entertaining to watch as a theory. I’d rather the human race master the skill of treating each other and our environment with care and courtesy first but I guess the advancement of technology as a priority is inevitable as long as greed is god.