Glukoza Is Your New Role Model

Glukoza‘s been spinning her high-pitched nasal rhymes since 2002, but it’s the video for her single Schweine [Pigs] that caught my eye, initially. A 3D animation like most of her videos, the story takes place in a world overtaken by Nazi pigs, where brave Glukoza stands up to their tyrannical ruler.

And the song itself? Incredibly catchy, actually. The lyrics are decidedly girl-power much like in the rest of her repertoire – refreshing against the slew of saccharine pop sluts plaguing Russia’s airwaves. You watch now:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="400" height="330" wmode="transparent" /]

  • Glukoza Nostra, where Glukoza wears a hot Matrix-inspired outfit and kicks ass with what is best described as Gunkata
  • Sneg Idet [It’s Snowing], Where Glukosa gets melancholic, wears glowing boots and plays with her dog in the snow
  • Nevesta [Bride], where Glukosa wears white, carries Katana blades and battles an evil dinosaur
  • Nenaviju [I hate], where Glukoza is liberated by a breakup and floats along a Tokyo-inspired metropolis

Thanks to Jhonen McPiggensteen, possessor of all pig-related knowledge, for the link.

The Avalanches: That Band Needs Therapy

I recall enjoying the ADD-inducing tunes of Australian vinyl sampler kings the Avalanches when their first record Since I Left You was released several years ago, but I’d never seen this stupefying video for “Frontier Psychiatrist” before tonight. I’m now having what can only be described as an “it’s comforting to know that no matter what you do in life, it will never be as awesome as this video” moment:

Whatever happened to the Avalanches’ follow-up album? Anyone know? According to their Wiki entry, the last word from the band came in early ’07: “one day when you least expect it you’ll wake up and the sample fairy will have left it under your pillow.”

(Gracias, heRbIVoRe.)

Pervert of the Month: Isabella Rossellini

I am the fly in the ointment. Accept the next dose of disease.

Okay, so we’re a little late to the Green Porno party. But what we lack in punctuality we more than make up for in enthusiasm for these warped short films.

Isabella “Put Your Disease in Me” Rossellini outdoes herself (and actually does herself) in this eight-part series about the sex lives of various insects, arachnids and molluscs. Produced by Sundance expressly for smaller digital screens (computers, cell phones, etc) the whole series is just dirty, filthy, good clean fun. Try to imagine a Children’s Television Workshop-produced interpretation of that transcendently horrible pterodactyl pr0n and you’ll be somewhere in the ballpark. But not really.

(Thanks, Gooby!)

Build, Craft, Hack, Play, Make: San Mateo Maker Faire

Maker Faire Bay Area 2008: May 3-4, 2008, San Mateo, CA (art by Eboy)

Maker Faire is a two-day, family-friendly event that celebrates the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset. It’s for creative, resourceful people of all ages and backgrounds who like to tinker and love to make things.

Think of it as Burning Man, minus the drugs, crabs and sandstorms. Well, obviously, it’s far more than that… but you will see many of the more gorgeous landmarks (and denizens) of Black Rock City there. Anyone else going? If so, keep an eye out for a short, raccoon-eyed chick in a either a WW II flight helmet, or antlers. I’ll be covering the event on CH later this month.

Also, midwest folks should be aware that a second Maker Faire will be held in Austin, TX later this year. Oct. 18th and 19th.

Idhi Oka Idi Le (Albert Hoffman Would Approve)

Question: How do you say “oh, fuckballs, I think I took the brown acid” in Telugu?


Answer: “Idhi Oka Idi Le!”

Just kidding. “Idhi Oka Idi Le” is merely the title of an exuberant duet between classic Tollywood stars Radha and Chiranjeevi (star of that notorious “Indian Thriller” video). Actually, I have no idea what “Idhi Oka Idi Le” means. What I do know is that I’d rather eat a live centipede than watch the “Idhi Oka Idi Le” video while tripping.


Embedding’s been disabled on this, so make with the clickies (provided you’re not on any hallucinogenics right now).

Nabokov’s Gonna Knock You Out, Son

Papa Nabokov does not approve.

Vladimir Nabokov‘s final work — an unfinished manuscript scholars call The Original of Laura — was meant to be destroyed 30 years ago. When Nabokov died in 1977, he left instructions for his heirs to burn the 138 handwritten index cards that made up the rough draft”, reports NPR

However, once the beloved pervert kicked that bucked, the matter was out of his hands. Vera, the late novelist’s wife, didn’t carry out his final wish and now, years after her death, their 73-year-old son Dmitri Nabokov intends to publish the manuscript. Having agonized over this decision for 30 years Dimitri is now convinced it’s his gift to the world and his father would ultimately approve.

I’m inclined to believe that if a man requests something be burned, he means it. Nonetheless, whether publishing The Original of Laura is morally sound isn’t up to me to decide and I, undoubtedly with legions of ravenous fans, look forward to reading it. Sorry, Vlad! The choices made regarding editing should be interesting; whether the manuscript will be published as is or transformed into a cohesive novel is yet to be announced.