“Shine On Me” Will Burn Out All Your Irony Receptors

Oh… my. Wayne just memed my ass out with the most astonishing OMGWTFBBQ music video of the year. Imagine what might happen if the rennies spiked your mead with DMT at Medieval Times. It is Epic. It is Über.

Meet Chris Dane Owens. He is here to fuck you, amigo. Fuck you earnestly, somberly, savagely, without the courtesy of a reach-around. For he is Legolas on a meth binge. He is Limahl with brass balls. His “Shine on Me” video is the prodigious, tumescent, chain-mail-piercing, pirate-booty-plundering, Adobe After Effects-abusing, alligator-exploiting, stock footage-pillaging D&D Destructo Dildo to the insidious butt plug of Brokencyde’s “Freaxx”.

Keep watching. Don’t click away. Follow that sparkly green Gretsch all the way to the finish line. Take it to the hilt, paladin.

59 Responses to ““Shine On Me” Will Burn Out All Your Irony Receptors”

  1. Ben Morris Says:

    Owen’s blithe earnestness is certainly the main thing that makes this video compelling but I balance that against the fact that I much prefer the song in the My Barbarian video. My willingness to laugh at the cheesiness of Owen’s song peters out somewhere around halfway through the video, at that point I am enduring the rest of the song so I can laugh at the rest of the video.

    My Barbarian’s carefully crafted ridiculousness seems self-parodic rather than ironic for whatever that is worth.

    Plus Unicorns LA has sparkly stickers.

  2. Nick Says:

    Oh, how it burns like so many habaneros a day later.

  3. JW Says:

    I haven’t laughed so painfully in years and years. But I couldn’t actually hear the song. I have to figure out how to inflict this on everyone I know.

  4. Hill Rat Says:

    This could easily become the Rick Roll of 2009.

  5. foxtongue Says:

    And yet, through it all, I am most offended by the blatant lifting of the musical hook from Roxy Music’s More Than This.

  6. Zoetica Says:

    I am moved to tears.. by the fact that this albino wunderkind produced a video titled “Sing Like The Stars”. Sweet sweet irony.

  7. Seamyst Says:

    I am totally and completely in love with his cheekbones.

  8. Meridian Says:

    I think somebody’s been watching too much Princess Bride…

  9. fortheloveofthestars Says:

    Is it wrong that I enjoyed this? I mean yea, I got the flaws and what have you, but I want to know the story, and the horrible song was fun too.

    That being said, I am rooting for the Doom-Phantom character already…