Three Feats of Hair Engineering

1. You can’t go wrong with intestine hair on a bug-eyed, lumpy-necked carapacial giraffe. Especially on that powder-soft, baby-pink background. It’s like someone crossed this painting of Shirley Temple with this painting by Brom. Well-done. The mask here was crafted by Manuel Albarran. Photographer unknown. Larger image here.

2. Found this image on Flickr one night while doing research for a photoshoot. I know this is completely fake, but hey: I am tagging this post “Architecture,” just on account of this epic masterpiece of engineering. Anyone who can identify the source of this image gets a free can of Aquanet Extra Super Hold when they order Issue 02.

3. My favorite image from Japanese artist/designer Nagi Noda’s “Hair Hats” project, which we blogged about a few months ago. Tragically, between that blog post and this one, the talented Nagi Noda passed away at the young age of 35. Perhaps this is a sad way to end a fluffy and fun post, but I’ve been wanting to mention this for some time – may as well be this post, which I hope brings much merriment. Nagi, you’ll be missed.

10 Responses to “Three Feats of Hair Engineering”

  1. Lolla Says:

    damn, I need a new hairdo…these are amazing…

  2. annie Says:

    holy magnifique. that first one is a delicious doozy.

  3. Trommler Says:

    And here I thought it was impressive when I got my hair into a double mohawk.

  4. Mer Says:

    Aww, Nagi. She broke the mold. RIP

  5. R. Says:

    I’m reminded of Bjork’s “Medulla” hair. Made me want to twist mine into strange horn type things for a good month.

  6. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Manuel Albarran! Such a great find.

  7. Tequila Says:

    I still want a bear crawling into my hair. She is missed…though one has to love how much of her stuff made it online and is easy to find. These days when an artist passes no matter their fame…immortality is given provided someone is around to upload your work.

    How long before someone makes a movie about her though?

  8. quartie Says:

    Gaaaah! I know what number two is from! Brain, work! It was everywhere in the London Underground a few months ago – or is that where you got it from?

    I completely, whole-heartedly thought that last image impossible. R.I.P.

  9. Nadya Says:

    Over on LJ, gothicimage commented this and said, “Your architecture pic comes from an advertising campaign for one of the UK banks earlier this year: someone like the Bank of Scotland, I think. I remember being impressed when they had some huge posters of one on the elevated section of the M4 coming into London. And I prefer Elnett anyway! :-)”

    Mystery solved!

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