A Sensual Interlude, Starring the Peanut Butter Man

Um. Remember not too long ago when I was going on about how edgy and alt Nutella is, sildenafil and asserting that peanut butter is boring by comparison?

I take it all back:

When Smuckers met Olivier de Sagazan.

The Skinemax-worthy soundtrack makes this infinitely more disturbing. Not to mention the plastic wrap.

Via our beloved Siege, whose curatorial instincts sometimes jump the track from sharing sublime beauty to just wanting us all to cry and punch ourselves repeatedly in the netherbits until they shrivel up and fall off. (He has proven this on multiple occasions.)

6 Responses to “A Sensual Interlude, Starring the Peanut Butter Man”

  1. Nijimei Says:

    This man is my nightmare (I’m extremely allergic to peanut butter. It makes my throat close up :|)
    If, tonight, I wake up screaming from Night Terrors of THIS MAN who by the very act of touching me with that goopy brown finger causes me to drop DEAD. I will know who to blame.

    Nutella is still more awesome by far.

  2. Josh Salzburg Says:

    The soundtrack is “Fireworks” by Moby. Surreal video.

  3. Infamous Amos Says:

    That can’t be good for your pores.

    If the internet were a hotel, he’d be the concierge.

  4. Nadi Says:

    Reasons why Costco should not sell economy sized peanut butter Jars/vats.

  5. badluckshadow13 Says:

    Some people would watch this video and demand a jelly-man, but not I!
    Let him stay is is, creamy and delicious…
    Seriously though, that’s some creepy shit right there.

  6. Brendan Says:

    Strangest fetish ever?