Exquisite Tymoshenko Doll Helps Orphans

[Image courtesy of Reuters]

Can one of you guys please get me this Yulia Tymoshenko doll for my birthday? A $53K porcelain representation of Lady Yu as Robin Hood, complete with a bow and arrow and leather boots fitted with spurs, isn’t too much to ask for this year, is it? Anyone? …guys? Okay, fine. I’ll settle for the homemade Barbie version. (Unless Marina Bychkova decides to take a stab at it.)

The dolly above, along with other figures of prominent Ukrainian politicians, was crafted by artist Yelena Kuznetsova for yesterday’s Ukrainian Doll Parade, an auction aimed towards raising money for the construction of an orphans’ rehabilitation center. Tymoshenko’s doll was by far the most popular; it was auctioned off for ten times the estimated price, according to news source RT.

Top row: L: Yulia shows the babybats how it’s done. R: Yulia and the Prince of Darkness. Bottom row: L: Yulia and her pet tigress, Tigrulya. R: Yulia knows how to accessorize.

The Coilhouse obsession with Tymoshenko (and, more recently, her tribe of Amazonian defenders) dates back to 2007. Since then, she’s been busy – negotiating oil disputes with Russia, campaigning for health reform, and galvanizing global support for leg-o-mutton sleeves and black lace. After falling out with President Yushchenko earlier this year, Tymoshenko announced her bid to run in the January 2010 Presidential Elections. While I’m neutral on Tymoshenko as a politician, I’m a staunch supporter of her hair and its commitment to solving the gas crisis.

Today is Tymoshenko’s birthday, so here’s wishing our Ukranian Dune Priestess the very best on her special day. Your update on Yulia’s gothic agenda, after the jump.

Lady Yu with flesh-eating zombie

“Look at this chump.”

Fancy goths getting ready another night at the club

Steampunk boots.

Visiting a burned-down arcade (really)

Posing with a sedated tiger


Lady to her left stealing her fashion thunder

Please let this be a Japanese game show.

13 Responses to “Exquisite Tymoshenko Doll Helps Orphans”

  1. Lolla Says:

    Holy, she is super stylish! I love the subtle avantgarde feel to her style!!!

  2. Vivacious G Says:

    In a few months, my hair will be long enough to wear like that. Her “Asgarda” followers kinda remind me of the fantastical
    from Terry Goodkind’s books.

  3. Molly Says:

    Although I love Coilhouse for many reasons, having this entry be the first thing I encountered upon awaking randomly at 3 am tops the list right now. The sparkly tiger picture in particular made my extremely early morning!

  4. Zoetica Says:

    I question the nature of that braid, but this outfit is hawtt.

  5. Ashbet Says:


  6. Nadya Says:

    The story of the tiger:


  7. Sam Says:

    Hnnnn. I NEED this dress: http://www.flickr.com/photos/coilhouse/1805126524/in/set-72157602807985071/. It’s probably worth more than I am, but seriously, does anyone know the designer?

  8. cappy Says:

    I’ll be damned. A commemorative doll that actually looks pretty good.

  9. lizzelizzel Says:

    Um, I don’t even want to read anything about her for fear of finding out something bad. I simply want to always look at her and drink in her big hips.

  10. Vespers Says:

    Heh, he’s not *actually* the Prince of Darkness. I think. He’d make a good one though.

    And she really is quite something. And, I want that tiger :(

  11. choklit Says:

    *gasp* Did I just see a politician wearing arm warmers? I think I’m in love…

  12. Ragdoll Says:

    Her style is an inspiration to all of us “fat armed girls.”

  13. Jon the action figures buff Says:

    I don’t get the white tiger reference. And why is it called a dolly? Why isn’t it a statue or an action figure? This has much more of an implication that we might think at first glance. Check Care Bears vs. Transformers: Gender Stereotypes in Advertisements for how have we accepted the norm that boys play with action figures and girls with dolls (society).