Marko Mitanovski: Scissorhands Meets Lady Macbeth

Via Stylecunt & Haute Macabre – the good cop & bad cop of alt fashion – comes the discovery of Marko Mitanovski, a Belgrade-based designer with a penchant for ruffs, asymmetrical corsets, antler-shaped hairstyles and elongated, knife-shaped fingertips. Mitanovski’s recent Renaissance and Elizabethan-inspired collection, entitled Lady Macbeth, was splendidly captured by Coilhouse favorite Peter Ashworth. The richly hued orange-lavender series provides an upbeat look at Mitanovski’s rather somber designs, and can be seen on Ashworth’s site. Expect for Mitanovski’s designs to appear in the next Lady Gaga video in 3… 2…

6 Responses to “Marko Mitanovski: Scissorhands Meets Lady Macbeth”

  1. Yume Ninja Says:

    i live, breathe, and die for this.

  2. Ben Morris Says:

    The image that opened this post is fantastic. The fact it is one of the many stunning images that for whatever reason doesn’t seem to be available as a print or poster is a travesty (see also).

  3. Sam Says:

    Both blogs are on my RSS feed, and I’m wondering: which one’s the good cop and which one’s the bad cop?

  4. Nadya Says:

    Sam, it’s kinda like what I wrote in my original post about the two blogs when they launched. Haute Macabre has a gentle attitude towards the designers it covers – there’s a lot of praise and celebration of what’s good. Stylecunt, on the other hand, is known for its snark. They’ve taken a lot of jabs at the designers and fashion trends they cover. Both blogs generally want to propagate good alt fashion, but they each take a different approach.


  5. Natasha Says:

    This is right up my alley, gorgeous!

  6. nana Says:

    i was waiting to see this in here! it would have been me in those photos if i lived in london :( *cries*