Antoinette Cakefight

Just a cute little video for a cute little techno song: a budget version of the Sofia Coppola’s Antoinette cast engulfed in a messy food fight for a video called “Lightworks” by the Acid Girls – a band consisting of these two mustached dudes. What’s interesting about this video is that it was paid for by Toyota Scion. As part of their marketing efforts, Scion pours tons of money into the arts. But most of the artists in Scion’s stable always struck me as rather safe, rather dull. This music video isn’t “transgressive” by any means, but there’s something genuine about it that I found missing from many of the other artists on Scion’s A/V site. The word I’m looking for may not even be genuine, but silly. I mean that in a good way.

14 Responses to “Antoinette Cakefight”

  1. stuntkid Says:

    faaaaaaantastic. particularly love the limited color scheme.

  2. Alice Says:

    Completely adorable, somehow.

    I think my extreme love of this video could stem from the fact that I’m in full diet-mode. It’s almost like pornography…

  3. Celine Says:

    If coppola’s antoinette could have just been a really really long fashion advertisement I would have liked it so much better.

    Also those rasberries shooting out of her nose—this, I wish, was the future spirit of advertising and editorial fashion shoots.

  4. Watch: “lightworks” by acid girls « Le Fabuleux Destin de Sue de Nîmes Says:

    […] via: coilhouse […]

  5. Disposable Darling Says:

    I WANT that huge tiered strawberry shortcake.

  6. Vivacious G Says:

    I love this video. I want the cake. Shoot, I’ll take the dresses and the silly hair too.

    Er, actually I think I do have pictures of me in silly hair like this somewhere.

    Anyhow! Love this video. :)

  7. jwz Says:

    I love that video! People who enjoyed that video of girls with big hair also enjoyed this video of girls with big hair:

    (I post a lot of videos. )

  8. YellowStrange Says:

    Oi Nadya! Look again, the raspberry nose-blower is our very own Alexandra Mathews! (see Allan Amato’s Crossdressing Party Portraits–the skinny “man” poised for a fight)

  9. Zoetica Says:

    Oh this is just great timing! Yep, right as my lemonade fast is in full swing. Oh god. Caaaake.

  10. Caroline Says:

    Argh I can’t decide whether I love this video or whether the blatant injury to those beautiful costumes makes me sad…

  11. Discontinued Says:

    I believe the word you are looking for Nadya is earnest. As all good art does the video’s combination of the abandonment of social conventions through victuals and Acid Girls’ driving synth rhythms evoke an emotion of reckless joy.

    Or maybe you were simply hungry for cake as so many are and your subconscious attached all the joy of past birthday parties to the song and video. Or was that me…

  12. Alexandra Mathews Says:

    Yaaay it’s me ! Second in from the left on the third photo down….ready to maul someone haha. My high heels are still in a plastic bag cake-a-fied…I don’t dare open it. Yikes !

  13. Emera Says:

    I love it!! It’s so randomly adorable, especially the women’s facial expressions throughout.

  14. Joesph Cheeves Says:

    :O So mush Info :O