Camille Rose Garcia’s Alice, With Fabulous Prizes

Here at Coilhouse, we spend a lot of time discussing our joint paper fetish. Ink this, paper stock that – we’ve found ourselves having many of these conversations well into the wee morning hours. At least two of us have been escorted out of book stores after hours of illicitly sniffing some shiny new release to a pulp. These things happen. And now, my newest object of forbidden love is It Books’ new edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia.

If you’re not familiar with Garcia’s work, she does things like this. Though the brilliance of a Camille + Alice fusion had never occurred to me before, having now personally seen [and smelled] the book has me wondering why. Everything about this is perfect. PERFECT! From a wobbly, swan-necked, and overgrown Alice crying strings of ruby tears through mascara-caked lashes on page 20, to a rabbit that would make Freyagushi proud tea-dipping a defenseless Dormouse, these character designs are a macabre delight. Camille’s swirly psychedelic style allows the imagination run free, as Carroll, presumably, intended.

Let us go back to that paper fetish for a moment. As if the beautiful illustrations weren’t enough, this edition is Decked. Out. The dustcover has spot gloss, the capital “A” on hard cover is debossed and outfitted with pink foil, and there is gold ink throughout the book. Oh, and the pages are made to look aged. Mmyep, adoration in full effect. Just don’t ask me to replicate the sounds I made while leafing through the thing for the first time and we can stay friends.

Now for the really fun part! To commemorate this release, and because we love you, we’ve teamed up with It Books to give away three copies of this book, three Alice tote bags, and three limited edition signed and numbered lithographs by Camille Rose Garcia. All you have to do is comment, and be a resident of US or Canada. Though this will be a totally random drawing of numbers from hats, I encourage you to share your own Alice art and stories. This book has been a part of so many childhoods and we want to know how it warped your pliant kid-brains.

EDIT: The raffle is over and we are confirming winners’ locations before announcing their names

Click the jump to see the tote and lithograph artwork.

Alice tote bag by Camille Rose Garcia

Alice lithograph by Camille Rose Carcia

141 Responses to “Camille Rose Garcia’s Alice, With Fabulous Prizes”

  1. Camilla Says:

    Ooooh, preettyy…

  2. Stella Polaris Says:

    Is it open to non-US residents too?

  3. Christiane Says:

    That’s so cool :D I’m actually working on Alice themed artwork at the moment, will try and get it scanned in time to post! :)

  4. jessica Says:

    hmm. not sure if my earlier comment went through because i was directed to an error page… but i’m totally excited for this exhibit and the beautiful colors camille uses reminds me of cheshire!

  5. trampledshadow Says:

    gloriously shiny!! the artwork is dizzying in both form and… like…

  6. Ashe Mischief Says:

    Amaazing. God, this is so gorgeous.

    Re: my own Alice story…. living in New Orleans has often felt like living in Wonderland. Hurricane Katrina was devastating, removing me from my home. SO, for the Mardi Gras after Katrina (That 2006), my friends and I all dressed up as delicious and deviant. It was a magical, magical weekend.

  7. Sarynchristina Says:

    Wow. I so want this! I have an American McGee Alice tattoo. I have done photoshoot inspired by CRG, as well as Alice themed photo shoots.

    As overdone as the Alice in Wonderland Concept shoots are – I still plan to do another one, if only for my own enjoyment.


  8. Zoetica Says:

    Stella Polaris and everyone, sorry, but the giveaway is open only to US and Canada residents. If you’re from elsewhere, just make a note in your comment so we don’t put you in the hat!

  9. Crystal Says:

    Not much to say about the influence of Alice–except maybe that as I kid I would insist that crescent moons were called ‘Cheshire Cat Moons’–but Camille’s work is freakin delicious. I want it. I want it now.

    I saw it first as the cover art on OhGr’s album there…Sunnypsyop?

  10. Leslie Says:

    I absolutely adore her work. The combination of her art and one of my favorite books of all time (isn’t it everybody’s?) makes me so excited.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Julie H. Says:

    Why does a drawing from hats seem so appropriate? Lovely offering from Camille Rose Garcia, when so much of the Alice related merchandise looks so commercial. Glad to see she was so inspired!

  12. sepulture Says:

    so sad, that this giweaway counts only in usa and canada <=D

  13. Lauren Says:

    So amazing! As I child I adored the mad for television rendition with Shelley Winters and Sammie Davis Jr. And ever since I have loved those that play on the fashion possibilities, like this

  14. Jami Says:

    I saw this book at the bookstore the other day while I was, finally, picking up my copy of Coilhouse No. 4. Gorgeous looking. She is the perfect modern artist to illustrate this book.

  15. Alkali Girl Says:

    WANT. O_O. <3 Such a brilliant take on a classic…

  16. Allie Says:

    Wowzers. I was not familiar with her work before, but it is very reminiscent of Auste Peciura’s work, with the swirls and patterns and sort of fashion-illustration-on-acid feel.
    As far as Alice, I don’t think the world will ever get tired of Wonderland-derived photo shoots…
    My first name is Allison, and as a child I really identified with this story (Disney version, primarily) because I heard it as “Allison Wonderland”.

  17. vane Says:

    I was given a cloth-bound edition of Alice with gold-edged pages and a red satin bookmark when I was born, and I read it til the front cover picture nearly fell off.

    Four years ago, I got Marilyn Manson to sign it, while he was on tour promoting Eat Me, Drink Me. It is my prized possession.

  18. Sherry Says:


  19. Babs Noir Says:

    Wow, could there be a more perfect combination? Sounds amazing and I do need this book. My favorite part of Alice in Wonderland is definitely when she eats the mushroom that looks like little pieces of bread, I always get so hungry and for some reason when cartoons make me hungry I think they are doing a good job. LOL almost forgot, in high school I painted an Alice in Wonderland mural on my wall in my bedroom, glow in the dark paint included for the cheshire cats smile who I placed on top of the mushroom. Wow I better start searching for a picture of that, but I am not sure if one exists.

  20. Amystar Says:

    her art is truely amazong and I cant think of a cooler combo then Garcia and Alice. I really want to win this!

  21. Trishelle Says:

    Gold ink and debossment? Mmm. The pictures are great, but it sounds like this is a book I need to touch. And smell. I want.
    I think the lithograph is my favorite picture, just knowing that it is a lithograph. It looks so clean, like a really really complex screen print or something. Just amazing.

  22. Allison Says:

    I’m a big collector of Alice books — particularly pop-ups, but really anything with good art and design. This book would be awesome to have!

  23. damion Says:

    Wow… I’m *so* commenting on this! What an amazing complement to an amazing book!

  24. Stagger Leah Says:

    This book is a dream come true for me! Camille is my favourite pop-artist, and Alice is my favourite children’s book. It’s a match made in… Heaven or Hell? Who cares!

    My own Alice story: A few years ago, my school put on a live production of Alice! It was insane fun, the visual theme of the play was “merchandising.” Everything was black, white and grey with bursts of colour here and there. We used televisions sets and projectors on stage to give a cyber-vintage look. And the best part was that I was hired as art director, and got to produce a series of illustrations of different parts of the play. Unfortunately I dont have any online, and since it was so long ago my style looks different now anyway. I also got to play the Caterpillar – and pretend to smoke a giant light up hookah bong style on stage, in front of small children. It was one of the greatest times of my life.

    I really hope I win! Thanks Coilhouse!

  25. emilyentropy Says:

    a beautifully twisted view through the looking glass!! <3

  26. dacid Says:

    she is the best!

  27. Kat S Says:

    Looove the look of these illustrations! And who doesn’t need a gorgeous, well made book in their life? Gold ink inside you say? Who does that anymore? Marvelous!

    Alice seems to be quite popular this year. Another artists I love, Meg Hunt, has started a project called “Picture Book Report” ( just the other week, where fifteen illustrators create 1 scene from a favorite book every month, and she’s doing Alice as well.

    Hooray for Alice!

  28. Rick Says:

    Wonderful team-up here!

    There seems to be a large Alice renaissance happening lately. Two different comic series, multiple re-imaginings of the prose book, the new Burton movie. Things seem to be abuzz in Alice-land.

    I’m hoping for a Jabberwock renaissance, m’self, but I’m still relishing the Alice work. Hope my number comes up!

  29. Corey Says:

    I love her work! So gorgeous! I’m a total junky for well made books and fine paper. Always a bonus when an amazing artist teams up with a publisher who actually cares what the finished product feels like.

  30. kari Says:

    eat your heart out, Tim Burton! :)

  31. KLM Says:

    Put me in the hat!
    I don’t own a copy of Alice, much less a good, old one, but I have a copy of Gulliver’s Travels that would make you…well.

  32. wheezyx Says:

    This looks mesmerizing! Oh what joy it would be to win!

    I’m currently finishing up a trilogy of children’s books and in the first book of the series my main character crawls through a dank, dark “rabbit hole” and into a not-wonderland under her house. Of course, things only become stranger and stranger from there.

    I’m endlessly influenced by the Alice stories and love Garcia‚Äôs art!

  33. Catherine Traub Says:

    I love her mascara soaked lashes.

  34. Rick Scott Says:

    Wow…trippy artwork. Seems so appropriate for a story that’s so out there to begin with. =)

  35. hypatia Says:

    Now /this/ is the Alice of my childhood’s (somewhat twisted) imagination :)

  36. Richard Says:

    …the most commented post ever?

    (And I had a theory before, that Tom Waits’ entire schtick is a ripoff of the Walrus from the animated Disney version of Alice In Wonderland. I love Waits of course, but the comparison is interesting.)

  37. kate setzer kamphausen Says:

    Oh my gorgeous!!

  38. Jeremy Says:

    Looks awesome. Hope I win.

  39. Quinn Says:

    I would love to enter. In the past few months, I’ve finished working on an Alice-themed rosary-styled pendant, a wall art piece using decoupage and an old clock face, and a few purses and accessories.

    On top of that, I’ve finally read through the completely unabridged editions of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass”. I would also recommend Syfy’s Alice mini series, and Frank Beddor’s “Looking Glass Wars” series very much.

    Thank you for considering me.

  40. Jennifer Says:

    This is a must have!

  41. Susan Says:

    I am reminded of my fantastic planner from south korea with lovely illustrations…

  42. Evan Says:

    I felt similar feelings when I got my hands on the Dame Darcy illustrated Jane Eyre. Another fantastic pairing here!! Big fan of Camille Rose Garcia.
    Rest assured I will be acquiring this either way!

  43. Lolla Says:

    This is totally crazy and amazing at the same time!

    Camille Rose Garcia is an absolute favorite of mine and I used to be so obsessed, that I created a knitted bag with one of her dripping skulls on it…was going to mail it to her, but felt funny about the combination of my obsession with her art and knitting…still have the bag, haha

  44. Linzercola Says:

    Love. What a fantastic combination of two things I adore.

  45. brittanica Says:

    Goodness me, there’s a lot of commenters.
    And thank god someone else knows of Miss Garcia’s work originally from Sunnypsyop.
    No Alice stories, unfortunately. I’ve never even read the whole thing. Good excuse to do so if I win, right?

  46. Holly Marie Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Her style is a perfect fit for Alice. As far as Alice’s influence on me it made me seek out the wonders of the world.

  47. VKlaus Says:

    Lewis carols contradictory nature has always amuses me. Mathematician, nonsensical fiction writer, and linguistic wizard. And I had always been interested in how various artist represent his world of imagination and creative word play. Miss Camille Rose Garcia seems to pull it off, with style to boot. As far as my Alice story goes, well its a long but simple one.

    When I first discovered his work, specifically “Alice In Wonder Land” and “Through The Looking Glass”, it was in the extemporaneous quest of excelementary prodigitude and superior verbal verbosity. In other words I discovered miss Alice and her flity voyages during a time I when was just starting to gain the ignominious ability of portmanteaumanship. Reading the books… It was quite a shock to my sliggerly early mind to realize that my newest verbal past time had been put into practice for years and years before I was even partially concived. I feel like, while it may not have made me who I am, it certainly gave me an arsenal of globular phraseology into which I now use to painstakingly craft diatribes on various blog comment sections. I hope it has served me well. But in the end I guess, all mimsy were the borogoves, and the mome raths outgrabe. yep.

  48. whittles Says:

    omg, yum! and yes, please.

    A friend is actually working on a retelling of Alice in Wonderland based in LA and the underground circus scene. I’ve seen bits of the preproduction and it’s gonna be great –

  49. Kate Says:

    Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorite stories, I am so excited about this recent surge of Alice-related things. I was commissioned to draw a Queen of Hearts recently, here is the result:

  50. Nickel Says:

    When I was a little girl my grandparents got me a copy of Alice. And they wondered why I grew up to read “weird” books…

    …but seriously, this is beautiful. I can’t believe I’d never heard of the artist before.

  51. Disposable Darling Says:

    I love Camille Rose Garcia, I got one of her books for my birthday a couple years back.

  52. broken b Says:

    Beautiful artwork! Alice in wonderland has always been one of my favorite stories. The cheshire cat was always my favorite, I guess in some strange way his creepiness did it for me.

    Thanks for the contest!

  53. Layla Says:

    Amazing. I love Camille Rose Garcia.

  54. Nadya Says:

    I’m obviously disqualified from entering, but my favorite Alice memory is still this:

    Watch it before The Powers that Be crack down. (Because they already did once).

  55. intrikate88 Says:

    Oooh, gorgeous. The artist’s work looks so familiar, but I’m not sure I’ve heard her name before. I think the fascinating part about the Alice story is how it’s become a whole genre of fantasy itself- the (usually) child that falls into a world where everything is different and comes out changed.

  56. Evv Says:

    This is so friggin’ gorgeous.

    I remember going to the pediatrician as a (younger) kid and lolling about in the waiting room for hours. There was absolutely nothing to do there, besides play with a few faded toys, so naturally I picked up their copy of Alice in Wonderland and stowed it at the very bottom of the toy chest in the hopes that nobody else could get to it. I think I used to really hate the Duchess…

  57. Franklin Says:

    Would totally hang these on my wall as art prints!

  58. Tyler Says:

    Stunning, and really exciting. It’s obvious just from looking here that this timeless tale has touched so many and inspired great creativity. What an amazing addition to Carroll’s ever-evolving Alice oeuvre!

  59. saintvictoria Says:

    I love Alice in wonderland, though “through the looking glass” is my favourite book, as a child I would try do Charles Dodgson’s mathematical puzzles on my friends …not very successfully though.

  60. DerelictHat Says:

    Good lord, the amount of time I can spend in bookstores fondling stationary. I never understood Alice as a child, but when I reread it as a teenager and then Through the Looking Glass, I finally got it. Needless to say an antique printing with the original illustrations holds a place of pride on my bookshelf.

  61. Gia Says:

    ahh! i have been a fan of camille rose garcia’s artwork since i was 12! so excited that she has done pieces on one of my favorite stories…!

  62. nixie Says:

    It was the Tom Petty video that turned Alice into something sinister for me. Watching Alice get eaten really stuck with me as a child.

  63. Eso Says:

    It’s amazing how much Alice (and contests) draw us all out of the woodwork. My obsession with Carroll’s creation has been running for a little over 20 years now, with no real signs of stopping. The most recent foray into Alice lore that I have dealt with was an article comparing the different ways sexual maturity and the female rite of passage is handled in classic children’s literature.
    There is just something so damned captivating about that girl, I don’t think I will ever let me copies of the book leave my sight.

  64. carnivillain Says:

    The cake-eating scene in the video posted by nixie above is mightily disturbing. I approve.

  65. maura Says:

    *what does not kill us makes us stranger* this always seemed to ring true for Ms. Alice…it is such a story about finding the weirdness in ourselves by seeing it through the world, as through a looking glass…and realizing we are all so wonderfully strange and beautiful.

  66. Joan Says:

    As a kid, when my family was vacationing up in Michigan, I would read the old copy of Alice in Wonderland hidden in the cottage’s bookshelf while my cousins played videogames (none of us were particularly outdoorsy). Anyway, Garcia’s art looks amazing, and she couldn’t have chosen a better book to illustrate.

  67. Sarah Obscura Says:

    Wonderful pogo remake of alice.

    I’m currently reading a book called, “The Looking Glass Wars,” and i recommend it to anyone that loves Alice in Wonderland. Its a remake of Alice told in a different perspective. Its lovely.

    Thank you SO much for putting up info about Camille’s new book, Zo! :)

  68. JMTolman Says:

    This is wonderful- Camilla has topped Ralph Steadman’s version!

  69. Miss E Says:

    Camille + Alice?! Be still my heart!

    I’m seconding “The Looking Glass Wars” as a good read. I really need to get my hands on the sequels “Seeing Redd” and “ArchEnemy”.

  70. miss morgan potts Says:

    Ooh, this is gorgeous. Very exciting!

  71. Dave L. Says:

    Wow. The Mad Hatter’s tea party looks deliriously trippy. Do want.

  72. Tequila Says:

    Wow, lots of comments for this one. Alice related art…that sounds fun! I shall sketch something to get in the spirit of this contest and announcement.

    Looks like quite the beautiful book…that lithograph is a beauty!

  73. Sam Says:

    Hells yes.

  74. what's in a name anyways? Says:

    Yes please…

  75. Erika Says:

    Wow, how I’d want some of that as a mural on my wall in my room… so awesome.

  76. alumiere Says:

    These illustrations are gorgeous. Commence book lust now.

  77. Nimrod R. "Crowbait" Mudsill Says:

    I must admit that, as a lad, I never loved the original story and the Disney cartoon left me cold (even though I was perfectly happy to devour most everything else from the Mouse King during early childhood).

    However, I finally gained some understanding about the nature of the conundrums and absurdity in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” after finding Jan Svankmajer’s “Neco z Alenky” (“Alice”) in my late teen years.

    I’ve since gone back to the original book with a keener ear to Lewis Carroll’s sensibility and humor.

  78. Gina Says:

    Love this! I am also an ink, paper, book fetishist. It was one of the things that impressed me about Coilhouse. I turned to my friend and said “Look at how well this magazine is made!” My love for freshly inked paper comes from my dad who was a printer. I remember being in the shop with my dad when a job was coming off the Heidelburg press. I loved the smell. Anytime I smell freshly inked paper it takes me back to my childhood.

  79. Lex Says:


    Wow, so many comments already. Maybe one should make a blog where one just gives things away. Would be like red paper clip guy, but without getting anything, ‘cept maybe ad revenue.

    Read it first in college. Favorite word, ‘contrariwise’. Really enjoied riddles. Caroll led me to Hofstander, and I may be soon pursuing his work.

  80. Rachel Says:

    Absolutely lovely. I’ve always been an admirer of Garcia’s work… she’s quite an inspiration

  81. Tequila Says:

    A bit of Alice inspired sketchbook fun titled “A girl named Alice & some guy in a hat”…

    Alice in Wonderland beyond the Disney version was always interwoven with my childhood. Oddly I never read the story myself till my late teens. It was always read to me or I’d see the various film & tv versions.

    Unlike other such stories though it was never one I particularly saw as fun. It felt dangerous…like there was always a menace about and nothing was to be trusted. Alice came off to me as the ultimate lost kid who got burned by her curiosity…more so than say Dorothy in OZ cause at least she had clear cut friends.

    While my feelings about the characters changed as I got older…the sense of menace in the story has not lessened for me.

    It ages so well, you can grow up with it and find new things to think on or see in it. While the surreal nature of the story gets written up a lot, it’s the adventure tale elements that to me make the story.

  82. Beth Says:

    Garcia’s work is new to me, but her aesthetic looks like it would go perfectly with the slightly dark Alice that I have loved since Alice Through the Looking Glass scared the pants off me as a child.

  83. Melissa Says:

    This really is an inspired pairing! I’m sure the whole thing is amazing. I remember being completely traumatized by the live-action Alice when I was a little kid, but I ended up loving the books. I hope it will continue to warp young minds for years to come!

  84. Kreester Says:

    Whoadamn, this is such a cool offer! This generosity makes me love the Coilhouse kids that much more.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  85. Kat Says:

    I adore Camille, Alice is everywhere in my life. I have read it too many times to remember, my son could recite The Jabberwocky at 4.

  86. patricia Says:

    absolutely fantastic.

  87. zombietastic Says:

    This would be an excellent addition to my Alice collection.

  88. Zuni Dyer Says:

    This looks so magical! And it does indeed smell good.

  89. Jenna Says:

    Always watched the disney cartoon as a child and finally read the stories as a teenager. Now I try to reread Alice every year. It makes me happy but i don”t care for the cartoon as much anymore.

  90. Jack R Says:

    This is gorgeous!
    My dearest friend is named Alice, and every summer for the past few years we’ve held a little Wonderland-inspired tea party on this cute little bit of farmland her family owns.

  91. Msfracture Says:

    {gasps} heart heart heart lov n spiderwebs her to death.
    i drooled all over my papers over her new works hear ov this contest is overtly delightful {sm}


  92. skirtfulloffire Says:

    I’m crossing fingiez and toesiez for this one! I have “Curiouser & Curiouser” tattooed on my inner arm and it’s also the name of my production partnership. <3

  93. Witcher Says:

    Oh, what a most appropriate combination of art, form and content. Camille’s work is lovely, one of the artists from whom I’d purchase the real thing had I the funds, and Alice couldn’t be a better venue for her style.

  94. Lindsey Says:


  95. Dora Says:

    I <3 Camille's work. I'm obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and everything that is inspired by it. My last art piece was inspired by Jan Svankmajer's Alice

  96. Kristin Says:

    What a lovely new version of Alice in Wonderland. It has a touch of wonder that reminds me a tad of Junko Mizuno.

  97. Heidi Says:

    This was my first time seeing Camille’s work, all i can say is beautiful! Where can i get this book?

  98. Lady Lavona Says:

    Oh lovely…please add my name to the magick hat! Like Dorothy in OZ, Alice in Wonderland is a counterculture hero! Little girl lost braves the Underworld…a timeless tale. It’s the handbook for wayward girls, Alice provides some very good advice!

    “It was all very well to say ‘Drink Me,’ but the wise little Alice was not going to do that in a hurry. ‘No, I’ll look first,’ she said, ‘and see whether it’s marked “poison” or not’: for she had read several nice little stories about children who had got burnt, and eaten up by wild beasts, and other unpleasant things, all because they would not remember the simple rules their friends had taught them: such as, that a red-hot poker will burn you if you hold it too long; and that, if you cut your finger very deeply with a knife, it usually bleeds; and she had never forgotten that, if you drink much from a bottle marked ‘poison,’ it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later.”

    xo! Lavona

  99. Tricia Says:

    Camille Rose Garcia


    and while you are in there illustrate The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

  100. Luna-See Says:

    I was thrilled when CRG first announced this project! I can’t WAIT to get my hands on her book. Magic!

  101. Sirose Says:

    There is something truly remarkable about her style. For me it feels classic yet modern at the same time.

  102. Jason Says:

    This tickles my fancy in a completely appropriate way. I want!

  103. choklit Says:

    Oh glory! What a perfect pairing… no one could be better than Camille Rose Garcia to re-imagine this story. I can’t wait to see the results!

    I was obsessed with the book and Tenniel’s illustrations as a child (although Rackham’s are still my favorite…)- but what really intrigued me was reading The Annotated Alice, where all of the logic puzzles and mathematical secrets are picked apart and revealed… I was completely fascinated by the story behind the story.

    Perhaps time for a re-read!

  104. Charlotte Says:

    Ooh! I want!

  105. Laura Gardner Says:

    But… I’m from the UK. D:

  106. Faith Says:

    Alas, my own Alice illustration is in the possession of an ex. It was in black-and-white, except for the figures. The White Rabbit was racing down a hallway, trying to prevent Alice from entering the Psychiatrist’s Office… we see only Alice’s shoulder and dress as she enters, with the Cheshire Cat sitting on her shoulder and grinning back at us. Through the wavy glass of the door, we see the frightening shadow of the Mad Hat—er—Psychiatrist.

  107. Vulgaire Turpentine Says:

    Oo! Oo! My invisible phallus became supremely erect upon inspection of this post! God, I love you, Coilhouse…

    How much does dear old Alice influence me? Lets just say I have wedding plans in the works for a mad tea party reception, dressing up is obviously going to be encouraged!

    These photos of a friend and I were taken last year before we left for an event called “The Cheshire Rock Opera” at Orbis Nex in Oakland:

    Me as the Cheshire and my friend as, obviously, the Mad Hatter.

    But my obsession goes further than clothes… Secret fantasies swirled through my kinky child brain when I read of the allegations Caroll being a pedo. Writings of such fantasies still in the works, but they never cease to get me going… ANYWAY!

    sorry for the TMI!!

  108. Vulgaire Turpentine Says:

    oops that first link is wrong! here’s the right one!

  109. Jon Says:

    Wow, that is excellent. It’s odd how much Alice related whatnot is floating about of late, but this is a particularly intriguing piece.

  110. Diane Says:

    very cool.

    Here’s a link to a fashion set I made awhile back based on a punky androgynous girl Mad Hatter:

  111. Erin Paris Says:

    Alice in Wonderland was the first book anyone ever told me NOT to read. (my mother said “Don’t read that. that book is weird. it will give you weird ideas” when I brought it home from the library in 3rd grade. )

  112. jacqueline Says:

    Wow, just wow. Want!

  113. RYRY Says:

    Beautiful! Would look lovely hanging next to my jabberwocky!

  114. miss amelia Says:

    i would love that! hope i win…

  115. Cherry Wray Says:

    Fantastic- a blue pinafore and the black mary janes have always seemed to me to be the uniform of adventures.

  116. Victory Nap Says:

    Twinkle twinkle little bat
    Such a fearful grin on that charming cat
    Does not matter how hard I try
    Madness still is drawing nigh…

    (alternate ending)

    I’m a sucker for apple pie…

  117. Denis Says:

    Doooom lashes!

  118. vanessa Says:

    Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never ever today….

  119. Melody Says:

    Camille Rose Garcia was one of my favorite artists during high school; she still makes my brain hurt in a way. The museum near where I lived had this enormous exhibit dedicated to her for a while called the Tragic Kingdom and it was absolutely mindblowing. Alice and her are a totally perfect combination; it’s weird how it never occurred to me before.

    I remember someone telling me once that the Cheshire Cat is actually a vampire. I don’t know why they told me that or how they came to conclude that, but it’s stuck with me all these years. I like goth!Alice as much as anybody else, but those versions have always seemed to lose the completely insane whimsy of the books.

    This makes me so excited!

  120. Amanda Phillips Says:

    The Alice books were my favorite as a kid. Now I’m getting a PhD in Children’s Literature and I still love Alice so much that I’m scared to write about the books.

  121. Pam Says:

    Pretty prettiest please?

  122. Mat Says:

    I love Camille Rose Garcia’s imagining of Alice. I am anxiously awaiting Manson’s Phantasmagoria.

  123. Bettie Rage Says:

    She is one of my all time favourites.
    I have a poster framed and hanging in my loving room of headless bunnies and octopus falling from the sky.

    Her Alice is dreamy. I am glad to see there is a new book to covet.

  124. ferallon Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Camille Rose Garcia, ever since I saw Zo’s post on ChinaShop. I too, would never have thought of pairing her with Lewis Carroll, but as soon as I thought about it I realized what a perfect fit it is. Excited for this. Like everyone else I was a big fan of Alice when I was a lad; it didn’t hurt having a British grandmother to read it aloud.

  125. Priscillia Says:

    Oooh, what an awesome edition! I kinda really need it, stat! <3<3

  126. Ed Autumn Says:

    Two extremely influential and beloved parts of my life: the otherworldly magic that is Alice and the decidedly breath-taking works of CRG. Thanks for this Coilhausers!!! <333333333

  127. Sarah Says:

    My great uncle & great aunt (a former children’s librarian) gave me my first copy of Alice for Christmas when I was 6. My mom read me a chapter a night before bed and I was hooked. I now collect copies of Alice with unique illustrations & have a tattoo based on John Tenniel’s original artwork.

  128. Gurldoggie Says:

    Wonderful. My favorite book from childhood until now. And just in time for own daughter’s birthday.

  129. McCracken Says:

    Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass were constant companions throughout my childhood. Spent quite bit of time trying to walk through mirrors, too. Every so often, I still do. Just to be sure.

  130. Sarah P. Says:

    Oh these are so lovely! And so true to the text, as well…

  131. jellyfish Says:

    I love the candy colors of this.
    Alice in Wonderland has been my favorite book since second grade, and I was furious when my brother ripped all the pages out of it, thankfully after I finished reading it.
    Now, at least, I’ve got a much nicer verson. I still miss the compactness of the old book, complete with my mom’s notes from college…

  132. darkpoptoys Says:

    thats looks so awesome O.O

  133. Meg Says:

    My favorite artist and favorite story. I credit this story with creating my strangeness.

  134. Melissa K Says:

    Ah! So freaking awesome!

  135. Lolo Says:

    I need to be the winnnnnner. If not I’m going to be the whiner.

  136. Jo Says:

    Dear lord, I am so desperately in love with that thing. I very much hope I either win this, or stumble across enough money with which to buy it myself.

  137. Binnorie Says:

    Such a wonderful thing to add to my already glorious Alice collection!! I have my grandmother’s copy as well as an antique version illustrated by Rackham. I also have a short book containing all sorts of scribbles from Alice illustrators. I will have to acquire this one somehow… (squinting eyes and rubbing hands together)

  138. JohnPaul Says:

    Looks absolutely amazing!

  139. Debra Says:

    I love camille rose garcia and i love alice in wonderland. A beautiful combination!

  140. Nero Says:

    I want!
    If you ever want some amazing eye candy, search Mozart L’Opera Rock on youtube. You’re welcome in advance.

  141. Karen Says:

    Oh man! How did i only see this post now, Monday morning:( *cries*
    AMAZING work though, truly awe inspiring!