Camille Rose Garcia’s Alice, With Fabulous Prizes

Here at Coilhouse, we spend a lot of time discussing our joint paper fetish. Ink this, paper stock that – we’ve found ourselves having many of these conversations well into the wee morning hours. At least two of us have been escorted out of book stores after hours of illicitly sniffing some shiny new release to a pulp. These things happen. And now, my newest object of forbidden love is It Books’ new edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia.

If you’re not familiar with Garcia’s work, she does things like this. Though the brilliance of a Camille + Alice fusion had never occurred to me before, having now personally seen [and smelled] the book has me wondering why. Everything about this is perfect. PERFECT! From a wobbly, swan-necked, and overgrown Alice crying strings of ruby tears through mascara-caked lashes on page 20, to a rabbit that would make Freyagushi proud tea-dipping a defenseless Dormouse, these character designs are a macabre delight. Camille’s swirly psychedelic style allows the imagination run free, as Carroll, presumably, intended.

Let us go back to that paper fetish for a moment. As if the beautiful illustrations weren’t enough, this edition is Decked. Out. The dustcover has spot gloss, the capital “A” on hard cover is debossed and outfitted with pink foil, and there is gold ink throughout the book. Oh, and the pages are made to look aged. Mmyep, adoration in full effect. Just don’t ask me to replicate the sounds I made while leafing through the thing for the first time and we can stay friends.

Now for the really fun part! To commemorate this release, and because we love you, we’ve teamed up with It Books to give away three copies of this book, three Alice tote bags, and three limited edition signed and numbered lithographs by Camille Rose Garcia. All you have to do is comment, and be a resident of US or Canada. Though this will be a totally random drawing of numbers from hats, I encourage you to share your own Alice art and stories. This book has been a part of so many childhoods and we want to know how it warped your pliant kid-brains.

EDIT: The raffle is over and we are confirming winners’ locations before announcing their names

Click the jump to see the tote and lithograph artwork.

Alice tote bag by Camille Rose Garcia

Alice lithograph by Camille Rose Carcia

141 Responses to “Camille Rose Garcia’s Alice, With Fabulous Prizes”

  1. Sirose Says:

    There is something truly remarkable about her style. For me it feels classic yet modern at the same time.

  2. Jason Says:

    This tickles my fancy in a completely appropriate way. I want!

  3. choklit Says:

    Oh glory! What a perfect pairing… no one could be better than Camille Rose Garcia to re-imagine this story. I can’t wait to see the results!

    I was obsessed with the book and Tenniel’s illustrations as a child (although Rackham’s are still my favorite…)- but what really intrigued me was reading The Annotated Alice, where all of the logic puzzles and mathematical secrets are picked apart and revealed… I was completely fascinated by the story behind the story.

    Perhaps time for a re-read!

  4. Charlotte Says:

    Ooh! I want!

  5. Laura Gardner Says:

    But… I’m from the UK. D:

  6. Faith Says:

    Alas, my own Alice illustration is in the possession of an ex. It was in black-and-white, except for the figures. The White Rabbit was racing down a hallway, trying to prevent Alice from entering the Psychiatrist’s Office… we see only Alice’s shoulder and dress as she enters, with the Cheshire Cat sitting on her shoulder and grinning back at us. Through the wavy glass of the door, we see the frightening shadow of the Mad Hat—er—Psychiatrist.

  7. Vulgaire Turpentine Says:

    Oo! Oo! My invisible phallus became supremely erect upon inspection of this post! God, I love you, Coilhouse…

    How much does dear old Alice influence me? Lets just say I have wedding plans in the works for a mad tea party reception, dressing up is obviously going to be encouraged!

    These photos of a friend and I were taken last year before we left for an event called “The Cheshire Rock Opera” at Orbis Nex in Oakland:

    Me as the Cheshire and my friend as, obviously, the Mad Hatter.

    But my obsession goes further than clothes… Secret fantasies swirled through my kinky child brain when I read of the allegations Caroll being a pedo. Writings of such fantasies still in the works, but they never cease to get me going… ANYWAY!

    sorry for the TMI!!

  8. Vulgaire Turpentine Says:

    oops that first link is wrong! here’s the right one!

  9. Jon Says:

    Wow, that is excellent. It’s odd how much Alice related whatnot is floating about of late, but this is a particularly intriguing piece.

  10. Diane Says:

    very cool.

    Here’s a link to a fashion set I made awhile back based on a punky androgynous girl Mad Hatter:

  11. Erin Paris Says:

    Alice in Wonderland was the first book anyone ever told me NOT to read. (my mother said “Don’t read that. that book is weird. it will give you weird ideas” when I brought it home from the library in 3rd grade. )

  12. jacqueline Says:

    Wow, just wow. Want!

  13. RYRY Says:

    Beautiful! Would look lovely hanging next to my jabberwocky!

  14. miss amelia Says:

    i would love that! hope i win…

  15. Cherry Wray Says:

    Fantastic- a blue pinafore and the black mary janes have always seemed to me to be the uniform of adventures.

  16. Victory Nap Says:

    Twinkle twinkle little bat
    Such a fearful grin on that charming cat
    Does not matter how hard I try
    Madness still is drawing nigh…

    (alternate ending)

    I’m a sucker for apple pie…

  17. Denis Says:

    Doooom lashes!

  18. vanessa Says:

    Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never ever today….

  19. Melody Says:

    Camille Rose Garcia was one of my favorite artists during high school; she still makes my brain hurt in a way. The museum near where I lived had this enormous exhibit dedicated to her for a while called the Tragic Kingdom and it was absolutely mindblowing. Alice and her are a totally perfect combination; it’s weird how it never occurred to me before.

    I remember someone telling me once that the Cheshire Cat is actually a vampire. I don’t know why they told me that or how they came to conclude that, but it’s stuck with me all these years. I like goth!Alice as much as anybody else, but those versions have always seemed to lose the completely insane whimsy of the books.

    This makes me so excited!

  20. Amanda Phillips Says:

    The Alice books were my favorite as a kid. Now I’m getting a PhD in Children’s Literature and I still love Alice so much that I’m scared to write about the books.

  21. Pam Says:

    Pretty prettiest please?

  22. Mat Says:

    I love Camille Rose Garcia’s imagining of Alice. I am anxiously awaiting Manson’s Phantasmagoria.

  23. Bettie Rage Says:

    She is one of my all time favourites.
    I have a poster framed and hanging in my loving room of headless bunnies and octopus falling from the sky.

    Her Alice is dreamy. I am glad to see there is a new book to covet.

  24. ferallon Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Camille Rose Garcia, ever since I saw Zo’s post on ChinaShop. I too, would never have thought of pairing her with Lewis Carroll, but as soon as I thought about it I realized what a perfect fit it is. Excited for this. Like everyone else I was a big fan of Alice when I was a lad; it didn’t hurt having a British grandmother to read it aloud.

  25. Priscillia Says:

    Oooh, what an awesome edition! I kinda really need it, stat! <3<3

  26. Ed Autumn Says:

    Two extremely influential and beloved parts of my life: the otherworldly magic that is Alice and the decidedly breath-taking works of CRG. Thanks for this Coilhausers!!! <333333333

  27. Sarah Says:

    My great uncle & great aunt (a former children’s librarian) gave me my first copy of Alice for Christmas when I was 6. My mom read me a chapter a night before bed and I was hooked. I now collect copies of Alice with unique illustrations & have a tattoo based on John Tenniel’s original artwork.

  28. Gurldoggie Says:

    Wonderful. My favorite book from childhood until now. And just in time for own daughter’s birthday.

  29. McCracken Says:

    Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass were constant companions throughout my childhood. Spent quite bit of time trying to walk through mirrors, too. Every so often, I still do. Just to be sure.

  30. Sarah P. Says:

    Oh these are so lovely! And so true to the text, as well…

  31. jellyfish Says:

    I love the candy colors of this.
    Alice in Wonderland has been my favorite book since second grade, and I was furious when my brother ripped all the pages out of it, thankfully after I finished reading it.
    Now, at least, I’ve got a much nicer verson. I still miss the compactness of the old book, complete with my mom’s notes from college…

  32. darkpoptoys Says:

    thats looks so awesome O.O

  33. Meg Says:

    My favorite artist and favorite story. I credit this story with creating my strangeness.

  34. Melissa K Says:

    Ah! So freaking awesome!

  35. Lolo Says:

    I need to be the winnnnnner. If not I’m going to be the whiner.

  36. Jo Says:

    Dear lord, I am so desperately in love with that thing. I very much hope I either win this, or stumble across enough money with which to buy it myself.

  37. Binnorie Says:

    Such a wonderful thing to add to my already glorious Alice collection!! I have my grandmother’s copy as well as an antique version illustrated by Rackham. I also have a short book containing all sorts of scribbles from Alice illustrators. I will have to acquire this one somehow… (squinting eyes and rubbing hands together)

  38. JohnPaul Says:

    Looks absolutely amazing!

  39. Debra Says:

    I love camille rose garcia and i love alice in wonderland. A beautiful combination!

  40. Nero Says:

    I want!
    If you ever want some amazing eye candy, search Mozart L’Opera Rock on youtube. You’re welcome in advance.

  41. Karen Says:

    Oh man! How did i only see this post now, Monday morning:( *cries*
    AMAZING work though, truly awe inspiring!