Game Over, Standing Cat. Game Over.

Yes, I know, damn it– every time we post a Stoopid Pet Video, it “lowers the meaningful discourse.” Sorry, purists. Sometimes it can’t be helped; MUST POST OR HEAD WILL EH-SPLÖD. If you’re offended by unseemly displays of silly cat memes on Coilhouse, please avert your eyes now. May I recommend David Forbes’ latest rigorous serving of sci fi critical theory, located directly under this post? It’s a spicy meat-ah-ball.

For the rest of you, there’s this:

Which is, of course, of a riff on this. As longtime Coilhouse reader Tequila puts it: “Well, that’s it. There can be no greater win than this. Thank you, Internet, it was fun… time for you to rest now. Back to cave paintings for us all!”

Good night, sweet worldwide wub. Pleasant dreams.

9 Responses to “Game Over, Standing Cat. Game Over.”

  1. Nadya Says:

    Tears came out of my eyes.

  2. Tertiary Says:

    That is the king of cat memes.
    At least for now.

  3. Miss Spite Says:

    ;_; I love puss’n boots so much. There’s not enough win.

  4. Marianne Says:

    I can’t stop laughing!!! As for the people that are too “cool” to admire silly funny things like this, please leave.

  5. Victory Nap Says:

    I see no method to genuinely assuage your guilt except to say none is warranted. The fundamental core of the clip does not detract from your mission statement when taking the video in as a whole. Admittedly, 45 seconds of a cat standing human-like, while it’s attention is directed toward an off-camera unknown, fits perfectly into the catagory “Stoopid Pet Video”. Even the digital addition of Musketeer-esque garb may not satisfy the fringe-minded. However, I argue that there is no denying the inclusion of feline mariachi accompaniment provides ample Carrollian nonsense to justify it’s posting. I could scarcely consider it an indulgence, carry-on… and… er… Puss-in-Boots FTW!

  6. Andy Says:

    Yay for Ceiling Cat^^

  7. Tequila Says:

    The Glory. The Majesty. The Little Furry Mariachi. So…Beautiful.

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