Festivity from the Motherland

Америка! Get those fireworks, make sure you don’t blow any fingers off, slap a Teabagger. Enjoy! Meanwhile, for us, it was a weekend of milestones: we signed all 1,000 copies of Issue 05, Mer met Courtney for the first time in meatspace after years of remote collaboration, the three editors reunited for the first time in almost a year, and we charted a path for Issue 06 and beyond. For the rest of the weekend, we’re in a post-productivity stupor, but we’d like to leave you with the above: from the same land that brought you Lady Yu and Asgarda, the ballad “America” by Ukranian punk band Brothers Gadyukin. Translations are welcome in the comments.

One Response to “Festivity from the Motherland”

  1. Fritz Bogott Says:

    I am made happy by the idea of a land populated by Coilhouse readers. Viva la Matria!