The Friday Afternoon Movie: Secret Societies Primer

I’m fascinated by conspiracy theories. The machinations within machinations, the way they simultaneously complicate simple matters and simplifying the most complex world events, they are a monument to human creativity and imagination. It should be no surprise then that conspiracy theories have come up multiple times on the FAM. Indeed, only last week, we examined some breathless speculation on the veracity of claims that man has ever set foot on the lunar surface.

That, however, is tame as far as conspiracies go. The real money is in world domination, in the people pulling the strings. The Freemasons, the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, Lizard Men — this is the nexus of lunatic postulation. Therefore, as a service to those in the audience who are, perhaps, not as well versed in the affairs of the tin-foil hat crowd the FAM presents the History Channel special Secret Societies which functions as a great introduction into the mad, mad world and which features FAM favorite David Icke, making his third Friday appearance. Should this pique your interests, feel free to check out Jon Ronson’s Secret Rulers of the World which delves much deeper into all this weird and wonderful nonsense.

2 Responses to “The Friday Afternoon Movie: Secret Societies Primer”

  1. Babalon's Orgasm Says:

    Conspiracy theories are the poor-mans cognitive mapping of world dynamics fueled by reptilian brain-stem paranoia and xenaphobia.

  2. Phil Says:

    Icke is a nut, but I think Jim Marrs (not to be confused with kooky conspiracist Texe Marrs!) hit on something when he said that the elite of the ancient world wanted to exclude the common people from the Mysteries because this knowledge would have empowered them. I don’t believe in these political conspiracies, but I do believe that Robert Anton Wilson was on to something when he asked “why does the Gnosis always get busted?”. The suppression of the Templrs, the Inquisition, witch trials, the persecution of visionaries like Giordano Bruno and Wilhelm Reich: if anything, there’s a conspiracy AGAINST the Hermetic Stream ( of which freemasonry is an offshoot) and the New Age. The Secret Sun blog presents interesting explorations of this possibility, and is well worth checking out.