Leo and Yam: Gender-Bending at High Altitudes

Hot on the heels of Mer’s discovery of Jordan Catalan… Oh, the clip below features aerial performers Leo Hedman and Yam Doyev (performing as Leo and Yam) in a steamy duet inspired by 20′s/30s silent films. Hedman’s femme fatale and Doyev’s pinstriped gentleman take on the comic side of sexual traditions while putting on a fluid, athletic, physically rigorous performance. In their own words, the flirtatious exchange “takes a wry, satirical look at the ways we conform to the gender roles assigned to us… and what happens when the mask drops and we find that our identities are a little less straightforward than we imagined.” This November, lucky Coilhouse readers living in London can witness the premiere of Leo and Yam’s first full-length show, titled Panoramic. Check their site for details.

Hedman’s other solo performances – inspired by Nosferatu, Psycho and more – are not to be missed. More images and clips, after the cut.

[via mikest, thanks!]

4 Responses to “Leo and Yam: Gender-Bending at High Altitudes”

  1. Mer Says:

    Beeeee YOOOOOO tee fullllll.

  2. desiringmachine Says:

    I think he might be the most beautiful man I have ever seen. O_O

  3. Zoetica Says:

    Holy DAYUuMMN. Can’t. Look. Away. Thank you, Nadya!

  4. LeRoi Prince Says:

    “This video has been removed by the user.”