New 06 Fundraising Coilhouse Merch is HERE.

Here’s the haps, comrades. We’re halfway through production on Issue 06 of Coilhouse Magazine. In recent days, as we watch its aesthetic and themes begin to coalesce, our conference calls have gotten giddier than ever. As always, we’re aiming for maximum high gloss, high concept, high impact. However, Coilhouse remains a labor of love with marginal profit, and right now our funds are rather low. Why? Because the recently-produced Issue 05 cost us an arm and a leg. NO REGRETS. But its many frills (the holographic foil, the fold-out poster, the art postcards) have left us with depleted resources.

We don’t want to refrain from pulling out all of the stops for 06 in the same manner we did for 05, 04, 03. But to ensure we keep outdoing ourselves with each successive issue, it’s looking like we may need a little help from our friends. Are you willing and able? That’s where this new wave of Coilhouse merchandise comes in.

We’re introducing several new clothing designs and styles, as well as buttons, a mug, and a poster. Yum yum yum. As you can see, it’s all a bit retro sci-fi Constructivist space cadet-chic. That’s not a coincidence! The look and feel of these items dovetails nicely into Issue 06’s themes (as you’ll soon see). We’re also bringing back limited quantities of the beautiful black-on-black INFORM INSPIRE INFECT hoodie that sold out almost instantly a few months ago.

Additionally, now that we’ve mailed off all of the contributor and advertiser copies of Issue 05, we can sell the remaining stock to our readership. If you missed 05 the first time around, or still haven’t had any luck finding it in a store near you, now’s your chance.

This round of merch is Pre-Order: meaning, you buy it, we get it manufactured, and you get your shipment about 3 weeks from now. Pretty good deal, no? You get a lovely item that you can wear proudly, or sip hot toddies out of, or frame and hang on the wall, knowing you supported Coilhouse when we needed a boost. And we get to ensure that Issue 06 stays as badass n’ fancy as it wants to be.

Click through to check out all of the goodies. As always, thank you for your support of Coilhouse Magazine + Blog.

Coilhouse Magazine Issue 05

It’s back, but only for a short while. We’re selling the last 150 copies of Issue 05 – our remaining stash before the Boogie Edition joins Issue 01-04′s status of being Sold Out Forever. We weren’t sure how many we’d have left after mailing out all the freebies to advertisers and contributors. Now that all issues have been mailed, we’re selling the remaining quantity to make room for Issue 06. (SHIPPING NOTICE: If you buy 05 only, it’ll ship immediately. If you buy it with merch, there will be a bit of a wait while your other items are being made.)

Interstellar Vanguard Screen-printed Poster

Welcome this new addition to the Coilhouse mascot family. Joining our Stratosphere Messenger, the Interstellar Vanguard is receiving the message in poster form, spaceship safely docked in a moon-lit marsh, awaiting adventure. Screen-printed in shades of sepia on a backdrop of palest sea foam, the Vanguard measures a lavish 18×24″ and will turn any wall into a cosmic playground. Illustration by Zoetica Ebb.

Button Sets

These 3-button sets feature Zoetica’s Interstellar Vanguard, our tried n’ true INFORM INSPIRE INFECT slogan, and the Electric C. Available in your choice of black and white, light grey and white, or very dark grey and black.


Take your morning [or evening] fuel in this generous, matte black mug. Inscribed with glossy INFORM INSPIRE INFECT, it’s sure to get your juices flowing, and propel you toward victory.

Electric C Scarf

Colder days are here in the northern hemisphere! Bundle up in Coil-ninja style with this extra-long scarf. The Coilhouse Electric C is emblazoned in subliminal black at one end of nearly 8 feet of raw-edged cotton jersey.

Electric C Hooded Tunic

Hooded up and ready for action is the way to be, especially when decked out in this slate gray extra-long tunic. With the Electric C logo printed on the front in blingin’ silver ink and thick cotton helping protect you against hostile conditions and micro-meteoroids alike, you’ll be ready for most forms of extravehicular activities on your lunar mission. One size only. (It’s on the smaller side, with a bit of stretch. Chest: 32″ – 36″ Waist: 27″ – 29″.)

Interstellar Hoodie

Is your closet suffering from Too Much Black? Never fear! This Interstellar Vanguard hoodie will add a splash of cranberry-red to your languishing winter wardrobe while keeping your astronautical hygiene intact. Made from American Apparel Flex Fleece, with a sporty kangaroo pocket and front zipper. Unisex. Sizes XXS through 3XL available. 

Unisex Hoodie

The return of an old favorite for a [very] limited time. Comfy, sexy, stylish. These feature our battle-cry of “INFORM INSPIRE INFECT”, printed in black on a black, incredibly soft, long-sleeved hooded top. Modeled here and here by two sexy customers. Unisex. Sizes S through XL available.

13 Responses to “New 06 Fundraising Coilhouse Merch is HERE.”

  1. Ed Autumn Says:

    The black hoodie will be mine! :D I just hope it won’t be nabbed from my porch by someone when it’s shipped XD

  2. nikolina kujaca Says:

    I would love to help. I love your site and I tried to order magazine so many times coz its one of the best things I have seen in that medium, but my country (Macedonia) is not in the pay-pal list so… if you ever expand countries that can have internet orders I would be more than glad to help by buying magazines and stuff…
    regards and pardon my english :]

  3. Konstantin Says:

    I was going to scoff at the new merchandise, but somehow bought a mug instead. What happened? Where am I? Who are you people?

  4. M. Dominic Says:

    Oh, I’m in love with that scarf… Tell me I need a scarf in Florida. Convince me of this!

  5. Tyler Says:

    Yay! Black hoodie!

    But can anyone speak to how slim the “slim fit” actually is? Always a little tricky to figure out…best to air on the side of caution I guess

  6. Tim Reynolds Says:

    Well I just bought my fall and winter cloths. Down here it dosnt get that cold. Great graduation gift for myself. And the good news without shipping and handling you can get one of everything new for about $100. Oh Dominic I live in South Texas I got the scarf for the two days it cold but I ll have style those two days.

  7. Mimi Says:

    That mug is quite loverly, but may I ask how big it is? (As in, how many ounces it holds?) Definitely thinking of purchasing as a gift. Thanks!

  8. Infamous Amos Says:

    Scarf: ACHEIVED!

    It’s times like these that I love living in Canada, and that you guys were totally able to be accomidated by my scarf budget. Also, it’s one of the few times that I have not been pissed at the fact that I actually have a scarf budget.

  9. Comorbid Says:

    Scarf, Inform Inspire Infect hoodie, and mug purchased. Might also get that sweet looking grey electric c hoodie as well. Hmmm…

  10. Comorbid Says:

    Also, M. Dominic, I live in Florida as well. You need one. It’s a labor of love really. Coilhouse 6 needs to get MADE.

  11. Erika Moen Says:

    I got the Inform Inspire Infect hoody!

  12. Rita Ann Says:

    It just kills me how i’m a week late on this post and everything is GONE, including that amazing black hoodie, the tears are falling.

  13. Blu Says:

    Please bring BACK that BLACK ON BLACK HOODIE!