Owen Pallett in the Rain

Owen Pallett, formerly performing as Final Fantasy, is on tour right now. Though the American leg is over, there are plenty of Canadian, European and Asian dates to look forward to. This is valuable information for lovers of string music, peculiar lyrics and minimal, yet mesmerizing performances.

Since 2002, Pallett has contributed violins and arrangements to over thirty albums by other artists, in addition to recording three albums of his own, two under his old, video-game-inspired moniker. Like the wonderful Zoe Keating, repeatedly featured here and in Coilhouse 05, he plays over loops he records live. He also sings, plays keyboards, quips and manages to entrance fans whether he’s playing in a dive bar or a massive theater. Below, a funny [and strangely moving] video from a performance last year at the Live at the Hillside festival in Guelph, where a drenched Owen Pallett plays against a wall of rain, and against the wishes of festival security.

There are two official music videos below the jump, where you can hear how Pallett sounds in less adverse conditions. Neither does his live act justice, though both are neat-o.

3 Responses to “Owen Pallett in the Rain”

  1. Pete Says:

    Curses! Owen Pallet isn’t playing the UK, and I don’t feel like heading to Spain to see him play.

    Personally, I really enjoy the cover version of Mariah Carey’s fantasy that crops up on Youtube. Worth searching out.

  2. Courtney Riot Says:

    i think it’s safe to say seeing owen pallett was one of the best live music experiences i’ve had to date. inspiring, magical and a live presence that sometimes a full band of 5 or more can’t compete with. thanks Z for introducing me to him!

  3. kara Says:

    holyholy shit – i got chills when i saw this post!

    guelph is my hometown & i was at the hillside show in the rain! honestly, it was spectacular. heart-stopping. lightning & everything. what a preformer!