Dream Sequence by Madame Peripetie

Madame Peripetie does it again. The Polish-born, Dortmund, Germany-based photographer, whose Insectarium shoot and collaboration with Eva Nyiri were featured on Coilhouse in 2009, has released a surreal, colorful new collection titled Dream Sequence. Some of the images can be seen here, and more can be found on her site.

Set against a stark, hazy black background, the dreamlike characters in these images appear to evoke haunted forests, chrome spaceships, traveling circus shows, and early ’90s NYC club culture. In almost every image, you can find a spray of brightly-colored wildflowers decorating the otherwise synthetic-looking subject, recalling these images of the Surma and Mursi tribes of East Africa by Hans Sylvester. Many more images, after the jump.

4 Responses to “Dream Sequence by Madame Peripetie”

  1. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    OMG. Gorgeous and weird as hell.

    LOVE these. especially 2, 7, 10, 11, 12.

  2. Shannon Says:

    These are beautiful images.

  3. Carla Fedje Says:

    mind = blown. In love with these images.

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    […] derivation from “New Wave era of the 80s and British post-punk scene” as well as “traveling circus shows, and early-90s NYC club culture“, I couldn’t help but associate its motifs with a reshaping of femininity. Maybe […]