Fantasia 2000/Four Tet Mashup

Thanks for sharing, Phoenix Marie Paris!

Eep. No doubt I’m outing myself as one seriously crusty-ass graverhippiezoomdweebie by admitting this, but –with all due respect for Stravinsky and his Firebird suite (indeed, with lifelong reverence!)– I’m finding it’s rather nice to revisit this gorgeous animation from Fantasia 2000 with a less bombastic score attached to it, namely Four Tet‘s “Love Cry”. I dunno, is that completely horrible? Should I lay off the Longbottom Leaf? Yeah, probably. Sorry. We’re all working crazy long hours over here (hence the sluggish blogging) on Issue 06, so it was either a half-baked ZOMGDISNEY post, or this animated gif of a tumbleweed…

8 Responses to “Fantasia 2000/Four Tet Mashup”

  1. lunadude Says:

    Thank you. This breathed new life into the animation. Made me smile.

  2. JoAsakura Says:

    Wow, that was simply amazing.

  3. Vivacious G Says:

    I loved it!

  4. kevynn Says:

    Haha i actually had it on mute while listening to lovely bloodflow, which i actually think i first heard here! Seemed to fit a bit better, if not a bit obvious in its similarities. Yet i cant help but notice the incongruities in this piece despite the gorgeous animation.. It seems to imply a bit that the volcanic eruption is evil and not organic- not part of nature and not able to “get along” with Mother Nature. However, arent volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters a very natural part of the ecosystem, such as forest and prarie fires that rejuvenate the soil? I dont know, sorry to be such a downer and spoil the mood here, really didnt mean to but couldn’t help but notice that fact. I remember watching this as a kid(I was born in 1993), as well as the original, and thinking it was so awesome and inspiring hehe. Man did i love the pegasus one from the original!

  5. Jenny Says:

    I’m ashamed by how hysterically I cried while watching this. It absolutely wrecked me, beginning to end.

  6. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    No shame, sweetheart! If I can BAAWW over Grizabella from Cats and not be (too) embarrassed about it, you can get weepy over this. ;)

  7. Robin Says:

    Sorry mate, but you’re off your nut. Love Cry is pretty cool, but ain’t got shit on the Firebird.

    @Kevynn: I felt quite the opposite. That the forces of creation and destruction as presented in the animation seem opposing, but intrinsically connected and necessarily balanced (in the CIIIIIIIRCLE OF LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!!!). Obviously the volcano is terrifying and destructive to Life (as represented by the green lady), but in a mindlessly driven way much different from the malicious, subversive villainy of, say, Chernabog in Night on Bald Mountain. It is, after all represented by an animal, as opposed to the “human” protagonist, with whom we identify, because we are, after all, organisms.

  8. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    @Robin Heh. The Firebird is a superior piece of music, agreed. It’s more that I enjoyed revisiting the visual with something a little less literal. :) But yeah. You can be sure this post could not have been written, had I not been off my nut from sleep dep at the time of its posting.