Moebiuswear By Cyclus

As I have previously disclosed, I am the the last person one should come to for fashion advice. Were one to approach me modeling an ensemble made of corrugated cardboard I would doubtlessly praise its sharp, awkward creases oblivious to the inappropriateness of packing material for use in clothing the human body.

Do not take my posting these fine bags from Cyclus as a statement of fashion preference then. Instead I present these bags as appropriate gear for, what I think you will agree dear reader, is an inevitable future. When we are wandering the deserted wastelands, on occasion upon the back of a pterosaur, I imagine these will be the bags of choice. Taking their design from the scaled body of the pangolin, or spiny anteater, and made from reused inner tubes, their segmented design makes for a pleasing shape, providing their wearer with a versatile carapace for storage. I especially like the smaller backpack which, when worn, looks like a pill bug desperately clinging to its owner’s back.

Via Core77

9 Responses to “Moebiuswear By Cyclus”

  1. g0ggs Says:

    very craig morrison ^.^

  2. Aura Vahtia Says:

    I just had to find the purse for sale:


  3. Andy Says:

    yupp.. kinda pricey^^

  4. Paul Komoda Says:

    Of course, they look more like a pill bugs than a pangolins, but that’s why I love
    them so much.

  5. mickierat Says:

    Is it just me or does that remind you of Invader Zim’s spiderleg backpack?

  6. Naz Says:


  7. Ross Rosenberg Says:

    Aura Vahtia & Andy – Cyclus is a Colombian company, so I believe that is in Colombian pesos (which also use the $ sign). It converts to roughly $97.00 USD (the backpack comes to $127.00 USD) which is slightly easier to stomach.

  8. gimpseeker Says:

    Oh great – “made from reused inner tubes” – so that means it carries a heavy whiff of the road then?

  9. Vivacious G Says: