Wisdom Teeth And Deep

The first, seven episode season of Showtime’s Short Stories features an eclectic mix of mostly animated shorts, but these two may be my favorites and they could not be more different. “Wisdom Teeth” is another brilliant piece of unnerving nonsense from Rejected animator Don Hertzfeldt. It’s a cautionary tale about stitches and the pratfalls of trying to remove them too early. On the other end of the animated spectrum is PES’s ridiculously beautiful and serene “Deep” which details a deep sea community of fish made from compasses, pliers, wrenches, and trumpets. This one really blew me away with both its imaginative use of tools, flawless animation, and haunting atmosphere. Simply lovely. Be sure to check out the other five shorts.

2 Responses to “Wisdom Teeth And Deep”

  1. Synesthesia Garden Says:

    Lol, I love the fake Swedish in “Wisdom Teeth.”

  2. Vivacious G Says:

    I have a special fondness for tools so The Deep had my complete attention. Very nice, thanks.