Creative Hairstyles from NAHA 2011

Ericka Brannon from the Make-up Artist of the Year Category

The 2011 North American Hairstyling Awards were recently announced, medical and this year the nominees are bigger and poofier than ever. Another year brings another crop of robot girls, try aliens, future flappers, mod androgynes, and obligatory hair-basket motifs.

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Jacke Thompson, Avant-Garde Category

One Response to “Creative Hairstyles from NAHA 2011”

  1. Emera Says:

    I can’t tell if, in that first photo, her neck is actually that long and/or the stylist made good use of the fur collar and the drape of the sleeve, or if it’s Photoshop. Either way, just loves me make that set of photos even more – the slight surrealism is so delicious. Especially with the slightly metallic, desaturated colors – reminds me of Dali.