New Yorkers and Beyond! Save This Date: August 21st.

You may have heard rumblings, rumors of a splendid event in New York. You may have even seen a Facebook Event about it.

It’s true. Coilhouse is coming to New York! We’re throwing an extravagant party on Sunday, August 21st: The Black & White & Red All Over Ball. With the help of our friends at Gemini & Scorpio and Dances of Vice, we’re organizing this event to mark two very special milestones: our fourth birthday, and the upcoming release of Coilhouse Issue Six. Held at a lush cabaret room deep in the heart of Brooklyn, the event will feature live music, circus, art, projections, dadaist spectacle and surprises galore.

We have so much more to tell you, dear readers. Tune in on Monday for a full announcement. For now, mark your calendars. New York, New Jersey, Philly, Boston, Bawlmer, DC folks and beyond, save this date. Check back on Monday for some very exciting news!

8 Responses to “New Yorkers and Beyond! Save This Date: August 21st.”

  1. SuperBakaKing Says:

    There is no way that the woman pictured isn’t Amelia Arsenic from Angelspit, as seen on the album art here:

  2. Nadya Says:

    SBK, you are correct. There’s a photo credit for both Miss Amelia and the amazing photographer, Helen White, on the flyer. We chose her picture for a very special reason that has to do with Issue 06. More will be revealed at a future date!

  3. Ian Says:

    Noooooooooo! I’m moving to New England THE NEXT DAY!! :(

  4. SuperBakaKing Says:

    I didn’t see the credit, but neither was I trying to cry plagiarism. My intent was more to draw attention to a member of a band I adore. I’m now very excited to see the upcoming issue!

  5. Nadya Says:

    @SBK, I’m super-excited too. ALMOST THERE! I wish Angelspit was actually performing at this event. Alas, they’re touring elsewhere. But yeah – they are awesome!

    @Ian What better way to say goodbye to NY than an epic party? Just come for an hour or two! :)

  6. maggie Says:

    like a stab in the heart. anyone got a private jet situated in germany i could borrow?

  7. Ahnika Says:

    Hey y’all! I’ve thusfar only found two interweb photo sets from the event! Any insights? Lovelove, <3 -A

    P.S. We survived the hurricane & saw a rainbow. God must love gay marriage. :-P

  8. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Hey, love! Super glad you all survived Irene. :) As stated in this recent post, we’re working on a HYOOOGE thank-you/shout-out post about the Ball that’ll include links to all manner of photos. Squeeee! Stay tuned! xoxoxox