Prints and a Novella by Richard A. Kirk

“The Sinister Game of Paperface” by Richard A. Kirk

Artist and author Richard A. Kirk (who we’ve mentioned twice before on the blog) has just put a bunch of very reasonably priced prints of his recent work into his Etsy store. If you’re shopping for darkly whimsical holiday gifts for your more fae or macabre friends (or just for yourself!) you’ll definitely want to take a look at these intricate, elegant pieces.

Kirk’s phenomenal illustrated novella, The Lost Machine, is also worth checking out– a bleakly beautiful weird fiction story that features ghosts, witches, crows, and enchanted automata. Kirk’s prose is as delicate, finessed and strange as his drawings. Highly recommended.

“The Unaccountable Absence of the Wastrel” by Richard A. Kirk

One Response to “Prints and a Novella by Richard A. Kirk”

  1. Анна Says:

    Paypal, Y U NO WORK IN SERBIA?!

    I realized some time ago I don’t need anything more – no new clothes, no this, no that, but I’d love for The Unaccountable Absence of the Wastrel to hang on my wall.

    I have been in love with Kirk’s work ever since I first saw it on Coilhouse.

    Too bad that online ordering (and subsequent delivery) is so complicated and unreliable.