Human-Shaped RC Planes Soaring Above NYC

WOW! Check out this splendid footage of three human-shaped, remote-controlled planes being flown above downtown NYC/Brooklyn, creating the illusion of people flying:

VERY cool. Perhaps somewhat less cool: it’s apparently viral marketing for that movie¬†Chronicle. “Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… product placement!”¬†But still. Wow.

[Via Wayne Chambliss / Gizmodo]

2 Responses to “Human-Shaped RC Planes Soaring Above NYC”

  1. Emera Says:

    My still-soft-for-superheroes heart would have stopped for a bit if I had seen that out of the corner of my eye. From a visual-processing perspective, it’s also just cool to see what a simple design can fool our eyes into seeing a human in “realistic” flight.

    …I must be an unfortunately good little sheeple, though, because the scrappiness and cleverness of the display instantly piqued my curiosity about the movie. Initial reviews don’t look promising, unfortunately.

  2. Caleigh Says:

    Whatever it was done FOR, it’s totally inspiring to see that there is that kind of creativity and engineering skills around. Kudos to all! If we can approach all of our engineering and city planning with such playfulness there is hope for the future.