True Adventures in Better Homes

This collage series by Nadine Boughton combines men’s adventure magazines from the 50s and early 60s with the pristine rooms of Better Homes and Gardens. Bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms are attacked by squids and rabid baboons, overrun by bats,  submerged underwater, and besieged by helicopters.

“The collages are set against the backdrop of the McCarthy era, advertising, sexual repression, WWII and the Korean War. The cool, insular world of mid-century modern living glossed over all danger and darkness, which the heroic male fought off in every corner,” writes Boughton.

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5 Responses to “True Adventures in Better Homes”

  1. Richard Caldwell Says:

    Is it wrong to think those homes look even more appealing now?

  2. Jennifer @ Auxiliary Magazine Says:

    Love these! Always been mashing stuff against suburban lifestyle.

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