"O Fortuna" with Misheard Lyrics, Animated by Famished Mammal

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There are several iterations of misheard Orffness on teh interwubz. This version is quite possibly the silliest and most inspired of them all, largely thanks to the LOLtacular animation.

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2 Responses to “"O Fortuna" with Misheard Lyrics, Animated by Famished Mammal”

  1. ron clark Says:

    To Famished Mammal;

    I just wanted to let Famished Mammal know that the Carmina Burana misheard opera lyrics was one of damn funniest things I’ve seen in some time. I’m an artist (oil painter) in Dallas, and my uncle is an opera baritone known internationally, and he thought it was brilliant as well.

    Thanks for this kind of work.

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