BTC: Kirk/Spock Morningwood Edition


What’s that? Oh, um. I was just, uh, playing with my tribble.

Ariana showed me the following picture last night…


…which spurred me to revisit that notorious “Closer” slashup, the gravitational pull of which sent me spiraling down a long, twisted YouTube wormhole of Trekkie aberration and depravity. Woooo!

To help you get your sluggish blood pumping, I’d like to share a bit of what I found with you. Just the tip…

…of the proverbial iceberg, I mean.

See also:

BONUS CLIP. Bill Shatner enjoys a cup of vanilla pudding:

15 Responses to “BTC: Kirk/Spock Morningwood Edition”

  1. tertiary Says:

    …something tells me the writers were not entirely unaware.

    Take it in there, Mr. Spock, indeed.

  2. Ariana Says:

    You know, looking at the things you’ve sourced me on, I can only imagine what your readers think of me…!

  3. kblr Says:

    Offered without comment:

  4. Elise Says:

    Star Trek: on the forefront of such concepts as ‘fandom’, ‘interracial kissing’, and ‘girls like to watch guys have sex’ since 1966.

    Of course, it made up for this awesomeness with chauvinism, ham-fisted moralizing, and a case of the White Man’s Burden that was nearly terminal. Still, we have Trek to thank for this morning mindfuck, so it can’t be all bad.

    And just in case you feel like REALLY hurting your brain: NEW TREK + LADY GAGA

  5. Sam Says:

    My boyfriend and I were Gay Kirk and Spock for Halloween this year. It was pretty hot.

  6. Elise Says:

    Er, because I fail at even C&P:

  7. Mer Says:

    “You know, looking at the things you’ve sourced me on, I can only imagine what your readers think of me…!”

    My guess is, they perceive you as a perverted genius mastermind set on bringing the world much joy and bewilderment.

    Which –let’s be honest, love–isn’t too far wrong.

  8. Melissa Dominic Says:

    I dunno, man, NEW!TREK + Lady Gaga is one of my favourite things. Though, for the record, we all know that NEW!TREK made it easy to sense a bit of Kirk/McCoy instead…

    Just saying, you know?

  9. Ariana Says:

    “Which –let’s be honest, love–isn’t too far wrong.”

    Awwww. You say the sweetest shit, angel. I foresee more (sick and wrong) fun piccies in your future.

  10. Sam Says:

    @ Melissa: NO! NO! McCoy CANNOT get in the way of Kirk and Spock’s true love!

    New Spock is kind of a bitch, though.

  11. Elise Says:

    Well, Kirk was always kind of a bitch, so I guess now they’re even.

    And you can bet New!Spock won’t hesitate to go Pon Farr on a certain captain’s ass. T’Pring T’Schming.

  12. Ruby Says:

    What really takes my cake is Lenord Nemoy`s the tale of bilbo baggins. I`ve actually thought about buying `Spaced out` also featuring the vocal stylings of Shatner. You can You tube it, the offical video is great.

  13. Nadya Says:

    Mer, this made my evening. There was a lot here I hadn’t seen before. Like the classic backrub scene – WOW. Also: the Closer video was hot. Also: the “Star Trek WTF” scene had me cracking up. (Yes, I watched them all). I also enjoyed the Gaga/New!Trek mashup. Adorable.

  14. Nadya Says:


  15. Mer Says: