Nadya’s Birthday Beefcake

Happy birthday, comrade Nadya. Can you believe it’s already been a whole year?! So much has happened in that time. You endured intense hardship and celebrated huge victories, moving from LA to London to San Francisco. You collaborated with remarkable people and accomplished admirable feats. Hell, you even manged to stop biting your nails! Congratulations.

Every single day, your efforts and encouragement continue to hold Coilhouse together. You really are our tiny, sexy tube of superglue. We’re stuck on you like clock gears hot-gunned to a cosplayer’s cotton poly-blended bloomers.

Now, we realize it’s not much (certainly not a $53K Lady Yu porcelain action figure), but still, we wanted to¬† make a concerted effort to celebrate your birth properly this year, with vaguely unsettling Russian animation…

Plenty of cake…


…and of course, party hats.


Now blow out the candles! (Hint: they’re under the shar peis.)

Love on ya, Lev. Many happy returns.

18 Responses to “Nadya’s Birthday Beefcake”

  1. Winominx Says:

    Happy birthday!

    I’m dying of laughter right now.

    Holy banana bread.

  2. stephanie Says:

    ahh this is great! happy birthday nadya! glad you’re in town and I get to see you. :D

  3. Nadi Says:

    Happy Birthday!

    That cartoon was indeed vaguely unsettling.

  4. Tequila Says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Many happy returns to you Nadya. Just look at the love radiating from those wondrous pics above!

  5. Marina Galperina Says:

    Happy Birthday, Nadya!

  6. Nadya Says:

    AWWW… guys! This was the best thing to wake up to. Those were the hottest pictures of Mer & Zo I have EVER seen. Can’t believe this is the first time I’ve seen these… you guys have been holding out on me. Why aren’t these your main profile pics?? HOT.

    Thank you, everyone for your BIRFDAY WISHES.

  7. lizzelizzel Says:

    Happy Birthday, Nadya!

    Also, please be to giving me the taxonomy of that critter fellar with the big nose in the animation.

  8. Barton Says:

    Wow, where does Zo find the time? Painter, pencil pusher, model, photographer, cosmonomad and now professional body builder! That’s a good friend you have there Nadya, that kind of dedication is a rare thing these days.

    Happiest of birthdays, cheers!

  9. DAko Says:

    happy birthday!

  10. Angeliska Says:

    Oh lordy. Now I’m halfway tempted to find a studly beefman
    to photoshop my face onto in honor of your whelping!
    I hope you will accept my hearty felicitations in lieu of that,
    as I have a feeling that the Zo/Mer schlong twins will be
    haunting my dreams for days to come! Birfdee MAGIC!

  11. Ross Rosenberg Says:

    … I don’t even know

    Happy birthday Nadya!

  12. Terra Trouve Says:

    Happy birthday Nadya!!!

  13. Ed Autumn Says:

    Happy Day of Birth!! :D


  14. Natasha Says:

    I am a day late in the wishes, but Nadya, you have been sooooo incredible and I could not have accomplished things without you!
    Happy Birthday!!! ..Now I must try to stop laughing at those photos, the one of Mer is especially amusing, but its disturbing just how believable Zo’s almost is! O_O

  15. Steve Smith Says:

    Being a proponent of time travel, let’s for a moment step back to the day when it was your birthday so I can wish you a Happy Birthday on time.

    With me?

    Happy Birthday!

    There, now we can get on with our regularly scheduled today.

  16. R. Says:

    I’m so late. Better late than never though! Happy Birthday, Nadya!

  17. Krystyn Lea Says:

    Happy Birthday!! Not to be a stickler but if you look under the pugs you’ll never find your present. Those are sweet shar peis!!

  18. Mer Says:

    Oops, Krystn, you’re totally right. In my giddy delirium, I misspoke. :)