Typecast’s “Primitive North America” Mix

“We remember it well now, our younger days, when we got the cassette deck for the car. The windows always rolled up, closing us off to the outside world. We moved steadily as things rolled by, always with the cassettes playing at the loudest possible volume.” [via]

Joshua Z-P (of Roadside Picnic Podcast and A Room Forever fame) and his friend Adam Helms were recently asked by Type Records (home to Svarte Greiner, Deaf Center, Grouper, and Koen Holtkamp, among other phenomenal bands) to compile a mix for their Typecast series. “So a mix we did – one of epic and biblical proportions which we now share with you. This isn’t your older brother’s black metal – there’s no Dungeons & Dragons posturing while wearing corpse paint. Just pure, brutal, lo-fi nihilism full of tape hiss and vinegar.”

LoFiBlackMetalCassettes copy
Cirrhus, Horrid Cross, Haxan.

All tracks were transferred from cassettes, save the Akitsa song. There’s Bone Awl and Ash Pool and freakin’ Ancestors and a bunch of even more obscure shit I don’t recognize at all. Holy balls, this mix is awesome. Sadly, the vast majority of our readers will find it unlistenable. So unless you enjoy making your eardrums hemorrhage with tinny, shrieking, blood-gargling KVLT AS FUCKNESS, please back away slowly from this post without making direct eye contact, and click here instead.

Tracklist after the jump.

See also:

1. Bone Awl – By Ropes Through Dirt (CA)

2. Ancestors – I (NY)

3. Grinning Death’s Head – Subhumans (GA)

4. Haxan – Witches Oath (NY)


5. Divisions – 04 (FL)

6. Arts – Thousand Wounds Of War (NY)

7. Cirrhus – 01 (WA/OR)

8. Horrid Cross – V (FL)

9. Akitsa – Affront Final – (QC)


10. Ride At Dawn – The one who sleeps beneath the frost – (TO)

11. Furdidurke – Untitled – (WA/OR)

12. Ash Pool – Dragged Down the Cobblestones – (NY)

13. Law of the Rope – Death Ballad (edit) – (CA)

10 Responses to “Typecast’s “Primitive North America” Mix”

  1. scarygirl Says:


  2. Maeve Says:

    What a marvellous surprise for me to wake up and listen to this while sipping my black coffee.
    I dedicate a rattling bow to you as this tracklist shakes my bones.

  3. Mer (the second) Says:

    Aww, tapes! Brilliant, thanks.

    Curious about the listening of tapes into cars though. Back in the 90’s I didn’t know anyone (except parents) that owned a car. We listened to tapes in the street or the metro, with our walkmans, sharing earphones, or on crappy cassete players, sneaking into parks at night.
    Did you also rewind cassetes with a bic pen? hahaha.

  4. Yanick S. Says:

    HELL. YES.


  5. Mer Says:

    Is it not EPIC??!

    As I was just saying to Joshua, my three-foot-long barbed poisonous interdimensional cthulhoid deathcock is so hard right now.

    Also, can I just say, black metal from Florida fucking terrifies me. There is something seriously wrong with those people.

  6. Steff Metal Says:


    now there’s some fucking antichristmas music

  7. Corey Says:

    Wow! I’m not familiar with type records at all yet, looks like an exciting project. I’m sure I could find out for my self if I took the time to look, but any one know if they’ve got plans to release this comp. on a cassette?

  8. joshua Says:

    @Corey – Nope, that’s all yr getting. :)

    Thanks for listening kids – and much thanks to Mer for the brilliant shout-out.

    Spread the ennui kids.

  9. sean Says:

    wow mark mccoy overload. heard most everything on list and kind of offput that it all more or less sounds the same. why does everyone feel the need to try and be bone awl #2? sure they’re great (a little full of themselves, klaxonrecords.wordpress,com for examples), but it seems as if most of these groups are doing exactly what gnashes and crushes complain about; taking the most obvious elements of a certain type of black metal and simply multiplying. but thanks very much for posting hadnt heard any arts yet and had been searching for quite some time (though i do prefer “hollow – hollow soundtrack” out of all of mccoys black metal projects). law of rope are new to me as well and a very pleasant suprise as well as a change of pace from the rest of the mix (i very much enjoy the open spaces that they employ). and of course, ash pool can do no wrong in my eyes. i do know what a bitch it is to transfer stuff from cassette to the web, and i really appreciate the time you put into this post. eat the elite – sean

  10. Joshua Says:


    Thanks for the backhanded compliment, dude. That’s rad you knew most of this stuff, and thanks for telling us. We were a bit worried we were being *too* kvlt, *too* cool, *too* elitist, but now I can rest easy, so cheers.