Manuel Albarran Redux

Most of you remember Manuel Albarran from photographer Gustavo Lopez Manas’ cover shoot for Issue 03, as well as multiple mentions on the blog. Recent updates to Albarran’s portfolio include the stunning shot below – a graceful companion to the portrait of Joshuadavid Reno by photographer Spencer Hansen featured in Issue 05’s article on the late Tiffa Novoa. After the jump, a couple of other shots from interesting recent Albarran collaborations, including a series called “Another World,” shot by Manas and featuring model/performer Johanna Constantine (you can find the extended set on Manas’ site), and a collaboration with an uncredited photographer featuring model Polly Fey. [via Aiko273]

5 Responses to “Manuel Albarran Redux”

  1. stephanie Says:

    wow. always amazing.

  2. Beth Says:

    You have GOT to be kidding me…. Hit the nail on the head with these awesome pieces of art!

  3. christine Says:

    I am struck in awe by the first image here.

    Also, I just ordered Issue #5 and am very excited for your status of 90% sold out, so, congrats on that!

  4. Io Says:

    Is it even possible to purchase this guy’s work? I fell in love many years ago when I found a medical-style corset of his on Ebay (and lost the bid by $3), and I’ve been searching for his pieces ever since. On anoher note, I just nabbed a copy of Coilhouse from Barnes and Noble and was thrilled that you did the Dorian Gray shoot with Dylan — I quoted that book to him once before because he reminded me so much of him.

  5. Lydia Says:

    There is a painted portrait of Johanna Constantine in THAT exact makeup (blood dripping) by Steven Assael, as well as other painted portraits of her.
    I just had to make the connection here. :)

    I am in love with all of these designs!