Michael Jackson, Multiplied

It’s been over a year since Michael Jackson’s death. We still haven’t published any sort of commemoration, which may seem a little weird for a site that’s devoted this much real estate to the Jacksons. While I can’t speak for my co-editors, I know that it’s taken me this long to absorb the idea of MJ being dead, let alone write about it. And, honestly, who really wants to add to the deluge?

With all the dismal tabloid dookie and conspiracy theories floating around out there, it’s heartening to see people like Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider simply take inspiration from the once-king of pop and pay tribute with a multi-layered a cappella medley. Though the video looks simple enough, that’s all Sam, with Kurt beat-boxing over to the left. A-dork-able!

7 Responses to “Michael Jackson, Multiplied”

  1. Rey Says:

    Michael Jackson a capella = awesomeness!

  2. Tequila Says:

    Given all said & sold about MJ in the 90’s and on it’s been really hard for me to see a clear image of the man. There is very little middle ground to stand on when influenced by all that.

    It’s really been the fans who have shown MJ’s influence in a far better light than even official channels. It’s just a shame things like this happen after a person is dead.

    I’m happy to see videos like this and no doubt the coming years will see even more. It’s a great vid even if you’re not a fan.

    (gotta say it WAS cool that Captain EO is making a return to the Disney parks. With all the 3D buzz it’s only natural I guess.)

  3. Zoetica Says:

    Given all said & sold about MJ in the 90′s and on it’s been really hard for me to see a clear image of the man. There is very little middle ground to stand on when influenced by all that.

    Tequila, I think most people outside of “the know”, myself included, feel that way. Even with that in mind, I can’t deny the influence he had on me, and, of course, on pop culture.

    Also, what? Captain Eo is back?! You just made my night.

  4. Tequila Says:

    Even a hardened cynic can’t say MJ’s influence on pop culture, music, charities, etc. was manufactured. The facts speak loud no matter the tabloid & legal issues. Pop stars still follow the formula he set forth after all. As one great line from The Boondocks touched on – some have even made him into a genre unto itself performance wise. Many imitate & will no doubt continue to.

    That’s been the news since late last year. Captain EO will be back for limited runs. However WHEN exactly that is keeps getting pushed back. My guess is they are either updating the tech needed to pull off the experience or possibly restoring the original elements image & sound wise.

    Whatever the case a trip to Disneyland is in order when that happens hahah

  5. Irene Kaoru Says:

    OK that a capella is just too hard for me to listen to. HOWEVER….I was just digging into a bunch of great conspiracy theories today! My current favorite:

    “According to some theorists, Jackson faked his death in order to become Dave Dave – a severe burns victim. Speculation over Dave Dave’s identity started after he appeared on CNN and apparently displayed “physical discrepancies” that indicated it was actually Jackson in disguise.” [via]

  6. Vulgaire Turpentine Says:

    As a dancer and performing artist I cannot thank the man enough for influencing me so much. I remember choreographing dances when i was in grade school to his music and performing for the whole neighborhood. And later, in high school, I had a revival of interest in the man, showing him and his music off to most of my uber industrial friends who were getting into making electronic music at the time. He’s stuck with me over the years, and I still haven’t gotten over his death. As a matter of fact in the next few weeks, my bestie and i are going on an LA trip to visit various MJ sites and I’m planning to dedicate my left leg to his sillhouette…

  7. josey4628 Says:

    As weird and out of touch as he was towards the end… and all his questionable choices… I still am overwhelmed when I here his music and I start to think about what an amazing talent and pop culture presence this man had. I don’t start crying or anything, but I surprise myself by how moved I am to think that he’s dead.