A Slow News Day at Fox

Didn’t get enough of the heebie jeebies after viewing Ross’s Gimme Pizza post? It’s OK, evil scrambled Fox News is here to help. The mysteriously-titled clip, “auspice,” presents a ghostly double-exposure view of slowed-down Fox personalities, set to an unholy-sounding chorus. The music is not credited, and any help identifying the artist would be appreciated. “I hear a little bit of Diamanda in there at the halfway point,” notes Wobbly, who sent this in.

It’s the perfect companion to this CNN piece, also submitted by Wobbly sometime ago. “Listen to me. I want to tell you something. Come closer. Don’t be upset and don’t get emotional.” Which is scarier, that CNN clip (embed-disabled high-res version posted here for your viewing displeasure), or this FOX clip?

4 Responses to “A Slow News Day at Fox”

  1. Laura Gardner Says:

    This is less scary than the pizza thing.

    Since you lot seem into the whole slowed down thing, have you heard Justin Beiber; Smile, slowed down 800x? It’s on soundcloud and it’s unreal.

  2. Nadya Says:

    @Laura The pizza thing is scarier than both the CNN and the FOX clips, I agree, but which one of those two is scarier?

    I heard the J. Beibz song here on Coilhouse. When Mer posted it. :)


    It’s amaaazing.

  3. Damien Says:

    I say, of the two, The CNN Thing is scarier. It really evokes a sense of… malevolent sentience within The Mediaâ„¢.

    This almost makes me think of insensate Lovecraftian Horror, but it doesn’t tweak me at that visceral level.

    Both great clips, though.

  4. Matt Says:

    If the soundtrack is a mash-up, a significant portion of it sounds like it could be Aumgn, by Can?