Poésie Noire: “Tragedy”

Let Poésie Noire transport you to a simpler time, when goths were GOTHS, and donning black lipstick ‘n’ goggles to shoot one’s darque synthpop music video in a desolate industrial setting wasn’t enough; only by dancing spasmodically atop slanting planks with newspaper stuffed down one’s pants could one convey true angst.

Best comment on teh YooToobz: “You gotta love the eighties videos. ‘I will stand here and look like a mysterious complex individual that has secrets that don’t exist and I still want you to figure out what I’m thinking about right now.’ Long live alternative music!” ~Mannchild11

The only thing that could potentially improve the “Tragedy” viewing experience would be inclusion of footage of lead singer Johan Casters (aka “La Bête Noire” – “The Black/Dark Beast”) actually “climb[ing] to ze top of ze tree” in that getup.

But seriously, these wacky Belgians made some great tunes, blazing a trail alongside dark synth countrymen Front 242 and Neon Judgment. So good on ’em and their neo-Victorian inflatables!

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One Response to “Poésie Noire: “Tragedy””

  1. Emera Says:

    It took me a little bit to realize that he was *actually* saying “I climbed to ze top of ze tree” and you weren’t just making some sort of obscure innuendo. I love the guitarist’s begoggled mime look.