Industrial Goth Dance Groups are Having a Good Time


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(via JWZ)

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9 Responses to “Industrial Goth Dance Groups are Having a Good Time”

  1. SuperBakaKing Says:

    Don’t know what it was about chain-link fence guy at 1:37, but it was probably the most memorable part for me. Maybe because of how…. tender it was?

  2. Shay Says:

    One of my favs:

  3. rickie Says:

    it’s all about the guy dancing real fast in the forest, man~

  4. Stephanie Says: i think David Armand beats them in this challenge. <_<

  5. Dj Dead Billy Says:

    What is that stuff on their heads? Does industrial music make you form these growths? A friend told me to listen to combicries or something, but now i’m afraid it will make me a hideously deformed dancing thing :(

  6. Endif Says:

    I can get that they’re having a good time, and I’m loathe to disrupt that, but….

    Do they have to all do the same boring dance over. And over. And over. And over? And why only within such a small space? Do they all have to ape the same tired predator-raver aesthetic styles? Is the point to become a conformist self-parody?

    It makes me really want to dis-associate myself from it all.

  7. Maggie Says:

    This is a phenomenon that continues to confuse me. Some of these videos looked like people purposefully being silly, the big group things just look awkward and bad. Take all that confidence and get your asses to some kind of dance class, please.

    Props to the dudes dancing the LAX sign though, that was ballsy, and they were better dancers.

  8. Spencer Thomas Says:

    Tank 9 seems to be making a career out of this:


  9. hurtstotouchfire Says:

    It’s not on youtube anymore but I found it on some other site. So brilliant.