Dubstep Lipdub (Lipstep? Stubdip?)

Esoterra, seek YOU SCARY!

Via the DailyWhat. Song is “Big Boss” by Doctor P.

As YouTube commenter stoogend says, decease “This is one of those things that you find at? 3AM and just laugh and wonder what happened to your night.”

“Russian Unicorn”

One Canadian crooner’s Top 40 banality yields another Bad Lip-Reader’s jejune BRILLIANCY:

via Sarah Blue

Bad Lip-Reader’s Black Eyed Peas, Ludacris/BeeGees and Taylor Swift piss-takes are sidesplitting as well.

“Russian Unicorn” lyric sheet after the jump.

A Festive Reminder: The Internet Is Made of Cats

Yes, viagra yes. This meme is already everywhere else. It needs to live here, too.

Everybody DANCE!

Better Than Coffee (Encore): Trolling Saruman

First, there was Eduard Kihl. Then, there was Trololo Cat. Now, there’s this:

(Via Ariana Osborne. All due love and respect to the incredible Christopher Lee, but I trololol’d.)

Heino im Studio 1967 (Zatzen Remix)

Schlager oontz!

via Sport Murphy

Samuel Jackson AND Werner Herzog Narrate “Go the F**k to Sleep”

This summer’s surprise feelgood literary hit for exhausted parents has now been narrated by Samuel Fuckin’ Jackson (you can download it for free from Audible right now). And, if that’s not enough for ya, word has it Werner Fuckin’ Herzog is going recording an official rendition as well. EPIC WIN.

Click here to listen to the official Jackson narration. Below, a very recent live recording of Herzog:

Lady Gaga / Judas Priest Mashup by Wax Audio

RUH ROH. Rob Halford done got his peanut butter in Gaga’s chocolate. And it’s…. DELICIOUS.

Via Milly. (Of course!)

In this humble blogger’s opinion, “Judas” is infinitely more listenable this way. More danceable, too! Well done, Wax Audio.

Psychedelic Hippie Poster Reader

A choice cut of trippy hippie spiritual subvertising:

via Gammacounter

This clip aired on USA Network’s classic gonzo variety show Night Flight at some point in the 80s or 90s. Scripture is from The Book of John, 3:16. Original source of the clip/name of “reader” unknown… but it has a faint whiff of proselytization to it, eh?

VEGAN. BLACK. METAL. CHEF. Episode Two: Easy Meal Ideas of The Ages

YESSSSSS. Vegan Black Metal Chef has a new episode, and a KVLT new website. (Honestly? It’s not kvlt at all. It’s actually kinda¬†sweet.) “AAAHHHHHHHHH. VEGAN COOKING IS SO MUCH FUN.” ¬†\m/

VADER AND I (Withnail/Star Wars Mashup)

Huzzah! Another geeky, ask boozy weekend treat for us– the words of Withnail and I, purchase filtered through the space epic lenses of Star Wars:

Via Mildred Von, ta!