Super Cat World VS High Voltage Prairie Dogs Group Audio Harassment

A little light Rapture music:

Yours truly has NO idea why this video hasn’t gone insanely viral. Then again, yours truly is tripping balls on painkillers at the moment.

Double prairie-dog dare ya to watch the entire thing.

[Edited to add: holy FUCK, THIS ENTIRE CHANNEL IS NUTS.]

“Thought of You”

Ryan J. Woodward is the artist and animator responsible for yesterday’s lovely Google animation commemorating dancer Martha Graham.

Via Si Spurrier, thanks!

Woodward released this piece, “Thought of You” (animated to a song by The Weepies) a few months ago, after working closely with a choreographer and dancers to achieve a deep level of subtlety and humanity. The short was rejected from Sundance, but has since gained effusive praise and hundreds of thousands of views on Vimeo and Youtube.

If anyone is reminded of Michel Gagné‘s work (that same fluidity and emotive dexterity) it’s no coincidence. Woodward states: “[Gagné] was my mentor and continues to be my friend and my inspiration. I give him all the credit in the world for what I’ve learned.”

Learn more about Woodward’s non-commercial body of work at Conte Animated.

Via Conte Animated.

Michael J. Anderson Loves to Laugh

Via DJ Dead Billy.

The man who played The Man From Another Place on Twin Peaks, and Samson on Carnivale, is going viral. Anderson’s YouTube channel, (which bears the questionable acronym of MANFAP) is verrrry intriguing. “Alien wizard from the distant future” or Neo-Dadaist performance art ninja? Both? Neither? You decide.



Via the most darque and demonic Arianaaaaaaaagggghhh.

So far, ask Vegan Black Metal Chef only has once video uploaded to his YouTube channel, for BRVTAL vegan pad thai. Let us pray fervently to the dark lords for more. Many tofurkies must be sacrificed to ensure that Vegan Black Metal Chef COOKS AGAAAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNN-AH.

(This recipe is Immortal approved.)

:ROLLEYES: by SchmuckFeatures

Over in a SomethingAwful forums titled 3D Emoticons Redux – Now With NEWTONIAN Physics!, SchmuckFeatures writes, “I’m sure everyone’s familiar with this image:”

“My version of it turned into… this.”

Music: “Vessels” by Philip Glass, from Koyaanisqatsi. Via Kyle McElroy.

Everything’s majestic +1 when you throw some Philip Glass at it, eh?

La Preuve Par 4 at the 2010 Juste Debout

This has already gone ultra viral, for obvious reasons, but it’s gotta be catalogued here, too.

The women and men behind the masks: Marion Motin (Quality Street and Swagger crews), Julie Moreau (Swagger crew), Nicolas Medea (R.A.F crew), Marvin Gofin (R.A.F crew).

You’re watching La Preuve Par 4’s performance at the 2010 Juste Debout, an international street dancing competition in France. La Preuve Par 4 is comprised of two members of R.A.F crew (winners of the 2009 World Hip Hop Championships) and two members of the Swaggers crew. The music was composed and remixed for them by soFly.

EDIT: Here’s another, high res video of the same performance, shot from higher angles. This footage was taken by YAK FILMS. You might recall Coilhouse expressing a lot of love for them a while ago. Nowadays, it looks like this youth-led alternative media team is venturing a long way from Oakland, proving themselves to be invaluable curators of street dancing on an international scale. Inspiring stuff.

Thom Yorke versus J. Biebz

Ho hum. Just another quiet Sunday afternoon on the internubz…

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Via Aaron English, with cackling thanks.

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‘The most fiscally responsible vampire I’ve ever seen.’

Sure, most of us can wholeheartedly agree that FOX NEWS SUCKS. But credit must be given where it’s due: they handled their recent interview with a vampire scrappy, sharp-toothed home owner respectfully and professionally:

Via Eric Cheng, thanks!

While there’s no doubt that FOX aired this segment knowing full well it would go viral and bump their ratings, the story of homeowner Patrick Rogers turning the tables on a life-draining bank like Wells Fargo would be a joy to hear even if he wasn’t a darque and sultry creature of eternal night.

After the bank tried to bully Rogers into paying an outrageous insurance premium, the black-clad, fanged resident of Philadelphia, PA, found a little-known, 30 year-old law, and successfully foreclosed on them. Ha!

Infant Aerobics?


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via Disinformation

Whaddaya reckon? Real or fake? Either way, it certainly filled my Involuntary Horrified Shrieking Laughter of the Damned quotient for the day. Gah…

You win this round, internet. Walking away now.

BTC: Scattin’ Jazz Cat


Play it out, Scattin’ Cat…

(With a little help from Lester Young and company.)

Via Mildred. Long may she reign.

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