Ariana Osborne's "Cartes Infernales"

Should they choose to delve deep into the dreckish pools of distant memory, some Coilhouse readers may recall this cheeky wee embloggening from 2009, written about the Dictionnaire Infernal, with illustrations by Louis Breton.

Well, here’s the sitch: dearest Ariana Osborne, who (in addition to sending over all manner of silliness and cuteness and beauty for us to blog here through the years) happens to be an absolutely brilliant graphic designer, has a Kickstarter project! She’s setting her sights on restoring the very same public-domain vintage demonic illustrations contained in that infamous blog post of yesteryear.

She wants to design and print a deck of 69 large (3.5″x5.75″), full-color heavy-stock art cards, each one featuring a Breton illustration from the Dictionnaire Infernal. She’s also planning to create “a supplementary PDF for the deck, with all 69 card images and extended information about each.” She’s given the project room to expand and evolve, depending on how much she raises beyond her minimum goal.

Ariana is all about fastidious documentation, immaculate restoration, and TEH LULZ (see below). EVIL GOOD TIMES. Click on MISTER SCARY ANTEATER OV DOOOO0M to learn more:

4 Responses to “Ariana Osborne's "Cartes Infernales"”

  1. January Says:

    Oh man, totally worth a $66 pledge!

  2. Ariana Osborne Says:

    Thank you so much, Mer! And, of course, I mean thank you for linking all the REALLY HORRIBLE things I’ve shared over the years. I really have set quite the bar for myself when it comes to interwub spelunking.

    (You are so wonderful for linking my project. It goes completely without saying how much I appreciate that.)

    And thank you, January — I’m looking forward to sending you your deck!

  3. MishyC Says:

    I can’t even begin to describe how much I LOVE this

  4. Emera Says:

    Coilhouse has the best Kickstarter links. Insta-lust!!